5 reasons to do yoga

In today’s world have become very popular yoga classes. Prominent politicians, stars of show business, athletes, and – let’s be honest – many friends from the environment are addicted to this direction and urge to join the ranks of fans. Accessories and a form of yoga produce well-known brands of clothing are all new and new video courses and manuals with exercises, numerous open Studio, where classes are conducted by trainers. And you still don’t know what are these “exercises” and why they are so popular… Here we present five arguments in favor of the practice of yoga.

Yoga is not a religion and not just exercise.

It is a practical philosophy, which presupposes the unity of body and spirit, which originates in ancient Indian traditions.

The Sanskrit word is translated as “communication”, “integrity” and “unity” .

Very firmly

Yoga shouldstart to play though, because it helps strengthen bones and muscles.

Exercises (asanas) help to release lactic acid which builds up in muscles and causes pain and tension. After a few sessions you will notice how the back pain is gone and move will become much easier.

As a result, will improve posture. And the surrounding will not hesitate to tell you about it, believe me.

Not to worry

Doing yoga, you free the mind from unwanted thoughts and focusing on the breath.

So you relax.

This practice is of great help in difficult life situations, applying it, you learn to avoid stress.

Another important advantage is that yoga improves sleep. Relaxed people, not thinking about problems, sleep well, right?

According to scientific researches, yoga positive effects on mood, reduce anxiety at the chemical level. Doing yoga a few hours a week, you’ll forget about insomnia.

In spite of the disease

Regular yoga improves immunity and enhance health.

By doing exercises, you agree to provide blood circulation to the internal organs and systems and bring the flow of internal energy to the balance.

In addition, strengthens the lymphatic system and the body to actively get rid of toxins. As time passes, you will notice that we are much less sick and feeling better.

Very convenient

The beauty of yoga is that the lesson can be continued at any time and in any conditions, without completely changing your lifestyle. Even in extreme fatigue, even during illness, even women after childbirth…

Moreover, age is also not an obstacle to yoga. Intelligently controlling the load, you can perform the asanas (exercises), if you love it.

Keep in mind

Regular yoga practice at the expense of blood flow to the cerebral hemispheres, restore memory, and enhance concentration.

Yoga is a good prevention of Alzheimer’s disease in old age. A study by American scientists showed that

the students who practiced yoga for two years, significantly increased the level of IQ.

As you can see, the benefits of yoga weight that why she was so popular. Because millions of people around the world can’t the polls be wrong?

Just 20 minutes a day . and you can see for yourself. Everything is in your hands: all you need is a desire and a Mat to practice.

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