About the overtraining.

So people say. Indeed, overtraining can lead even to death. Not so much in itself, how much opening the door to innumerable diseases. A blood test over-trained brow showed no immunoglobulin. Against this background, as a Wake up all sorts of kidney disease, gallbladder, joints, etc. and all sorts of flu-ARD are very hard.

The danger of overtraining in that it sneaks up on you, is cumulative. Our body is not stupid. It is time signals: decreased libido, drowsiness, and reluctance to go on trenco — nice any reason to get out of it.

BUT! We have a fucking Purpose and willpower. Us H. break. Vodka at the weekend to relieve stress or guaranty, or coffee, and the person percacet further. The results, of course, fall. Conclusion — little train. Come on bro. Endsin the hospital + a long rehabilitation period.

Think invented with fuck there. This is a typical picture of life with which my friend — a special extra class for training and nutrition — faced if not every day then at least once a week.

“Proper training is well-built exercise + balanced diet + proper rest” Only the combination of all three factors will give the result. The absence of even one will lead at least to poor results, and even harm to health.

1. Training. Physical activity from a biochemical point of view the destruction. The destruction of the muscles. joints, blood vessels. More stress — more destruction. Less less. The body, seeing such a thing, gives the command to restore, and to restore to stock, what would the next time such nagurski was not a disaster. More muscle, more blood vessels.alas, the bones are no longer growing.Fuel for the muscles is glycogen — derived glucose. Stored in the liver and muscles. It ends quickly and then if the blood is not getting enough glucose, then the furnace throw fat? Yes fat, but the muscles themselves. Fat mostly palitsya during prolonged low-intensity (aerobic) exercise. With power, intense (anaerobic) loads burn up the glycogen and proteins. Just, as I recall, the chain of conversion of protein to glycogen shorter and energetically more favorable than the conversion of fat into glycogen.

Now, to keep the muscles well in the morning to eat well. and before trincou to do carbohydrate loading. Pitching drink so-called energy: low-protein low-carbohydrate blend. Moreover, it is important that the carbs were with different glycemic indexes. i.e. digested at different rates. providing a continuous supply of glucose in the blood. You can replace sports chocolate with water in it a minimum of fat and different carbohydrates. Well, at worst, a handful of buckwheat honey drunk water 30 minutes before training.

2.A proper diet.Not denying the importance of celery and vodka, I want to say.Eat Nada that lose. Lose muscles and joints — you need to eat proteins and collagens.”Food pyramid should be directed downwards” So it needs a lot to eat in the morning. In the morning the body plans of metabolic picture for the day. And if he got exactly enough food in the morning — his plans are extensive. he’s back and muscles. and the internal organs will not forget. If no food — tea there with a bun or coffee with a cigarette, fuck the crisis and economy. What nach construction. And in the evening I planned slowing of metabolism with the transition to sleep. And here I am, behold the meat with carthay and vodka and lots of it. And he should be in bed. He quickly all of it converts into fat and over. And in the morning all over again.So eat alot in the morning, less at lunch and some in the evening. Diet enhancing protein mixtures and vitamins. Less fat. They typed.Why, I ask, the protein mixture. any chemistry. Vaughn, grandfathers and without it were mighty.Answer. Even the meat diet only contains 25% protein. The rest is fats and carbohydrates, and strive turn into fat. To receive the necessary amount of protein, score side as many calories as you fuck burn. The energy demands of training are not as big. But in everyday life more and more behind a computer Yes in the car. And grandparents that foot, then on horseback from morning till evening. So we plow, as they rested. Although you naturalnano, if fat is not a burden.

3.Right otdihat enough to make the intervals between workouts until you recover. Earlier in trinko no-no.All great athletes is first and foremost geniuses of recovery. To withstand two training sessions a day not everyone is given. On average, two to three days a week is enough. Of course, everything is very individual, depending on age, training intensity, etc. Ostapenko somehow it all feels, it has a program. He catches the overtraining in its early stages and constructs the optimal training intensity. If you have a Goal.

YK (C)

amino acids are very good, especially for anyone with digestion is not very Bo fuck the body itself will need removed, until the pile to remove filthy air and not less filthy water, as instead remove impurities testing after exercise is the body’s filtration of urban shit is engaged, and utterly “pile up” well, that’s right, friends muscles lactic acid, zabivautsa and wine, the disposal of which is much easier and the muscles of her corny’t get sick

xXx (C)

Here, the calling, then, a group of friends and grit. Shit, grit, began to eat since morning, as advised, and in the afternoon I want! What to do? The ambush type.What to do – eat! The body EARNED! Debts work out. There watching and evening feeding period will be less. Even if the weight will go up temporarily – not scary. Muscle growing.”Day” calories spent easily. One thermogenesis (increased body temperature) moget all excess to eat. Because organizm not save.This experiment over the people was made by scientists. Two groups were fed the same quantity, but 70% of food in the morning, 20 in the afternoon, 10 in the evening. And another, same food, but 10 – in the morning, 20 afternoon, the 70 – night. Morning group. on average, lost weight, and evening is better.

YK (C)

The branched chain amino acids

This group of amino acids include L-leucine, L-isoleucine and L-valine. The branched chain amino acids (BCAAs) to restore the reserves of glutamine and support the immune system. There are a number of evidence that they prevent exercise-induced decrease in intellectual activity, inhibiting fatigue of the Central nervous system. Increasing the concentration of BCAA in the blood causes the body to produce less of the amino acid tryptophan, which accelerates fatigue of the Central nervous system during long and intense training sessions. In addition, the branched chain amino acids serve as a standby source of fuel for muscle fibers. When tired muscles need fuel, BCAAs are converted to glucose, thereby saving muscle glycogen.

Recommended dose: 7-12 g per day.


It used to be called vitamin, now carnitine is considered essential amino acid — the kidneys and liver produce it from receiving nutrients. Carnitine regulates contained within the mitochondria of free coenzyme A (COA), a metabolite involved in energy production, oxidation of pyruvate, amino acid metabolism, coordination of the Krebs cycle and mitochondrial and proximally beta-oxidation. Now forget all these scientific terms and remember that carnitine is the father of all food additives. It kindles the fire, the birthplace of biochemical energy. One of the main roles of carnitine is to transport fatty acids into cells for subsequent combustion. Carnitine is the key that opens doors of mitochondria, which burn fat and produce energy. But carnitine produces not only the delivery of chemical compounds to the mitochondria. He also derives the by-products, preventing their accumulation. Carnitine stimulates the immune response, is involved in the repair of cellular membranes and saves glycogen stores during training.

Recommended dose: 1-10 g per day.

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