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With morning exercises and healthier, and happier

How sometimes do not want to get up in the morning, knows firsthand each of us. Especially bad mood, if the cause is not desired revival was the work that, you see, sometimes even in a sleepy state not to go too fast.

Despite the fact that for most of us, the morning never ceases to be a serious challenge, to overcome that falls almost every day, some still learned to ensure a good physical tone your body and raise yourself immediately after waking mood. It’s enough just to be given 5-7 minutes to conduct a simple morning physical exercises.

Today you can hear that morning exercise is harmful to health due to the fact that after sleep the human body for some time, “he continues to sleep”, which means to give any load is not recommended. Actually, if exercise correctly, will definitely are provided a good mood, there will be additional energy, improved work capacity.

Morning exercise and no excuses

Many people believe that they have no opportunity to do morning exercises, because after sleeping mood is usually not very good, and strength in the body, not at all. Actually you don’t need to gain strength, to do some exercises in the morning and charging is designed to supply the body with energy, lifting the man mood before a long working day.

Remember, morning exercise accelerate blood circulation, making the muscles, tendons, ligaments get a big dose of nutrients, which may positively influence their tone. After the first movements during charging, you will feel how your body is filled with strength and energy.

Some argue that not doing morning exercises due to time constraints. Of course, there are days when extra 5-7 minutes may simply not be, but usually such an excuse we hear from people who are just too lazy to start to physical exercise.

There are people who refuse morning exercise, because somewhere I read about the dangers of exercise after sleeping for health. We will not hide, negative effects on the body exercise can provide, but it will be connected not with the charge, and solely for the inability of a person to do it properly.

Those who have decided to spend the morning exercises, recall that the circulatory system (including heart) and nervous system is not too fast to intensify their activities. They must be prepared to perform a serious of small exercises workout the major muscle groups.

Try to avoid overloading of the body when holding the charge in the morning. This can lead to weakening of the heart, the slowdowns in the nervous system.

Begin morning exercises?

Conduct morning exercises is necessary, given the characteristics of the organism and observe certain simple rules.

First, in no case do not immediately after waking up to jump on the treadmill or start waving his arms or legs. It is better to quietly get up, go wash your face, let the body in 10-15 minutes to finally Wake up.

Secondly, each “correct” charging begins with a light warm-up of joints, muscles. This will bring blood to the muscles, and therefore, improve their tone and avoid sprains.

Third, you must understand what exactly the result that you can achieve by spending a morning exercise. If you are charging is just a way to Wake up, it is possible to limit only a warm-up; for those who are doing exercises to achieve higher muscle tone, not be amiss to add, after the warm-up stretching exercises, strength exercises with my weight, easy running.

Usually willing to do exercises to build their morning in a certain pattern. After waking up they give the body for 10-15 minutes to finally Wake up, do 2-3 minutes warm-up, perform core exercises 3-5 minutes.

What exercises included in the workout?

There are many warm-up exercises that are recommended to do before the main exercises morning exercises. Usually to warm up, begin with twisting movements in the major joints of the body, namely:

1) make the head tilt in different directions, carry out rotational movements of the head, nodding down — up;

2) organize the rotational motion clockwise/counterclockwise hands, movement in the elbow joints;

3) knead the shoulder lifts the arms up, move them apart, rotational movements;

4) make the bends to the sides and forward of the housing, rotate the hips alternately in both directions.

Don’t forget about the leg swings to the side, back and forth, flexion/leg extension in the knee joint. Effective exercises during the warm-up are considered one by one rotational motion in both directions to the ankle, which are organized in a sitting position.

On the basic exercises morning exercises

If you decide to include in morning exercises core exercises, we recommend you to do not only gymnastics, but also stretching. This can be, for example, in a standing position bends the body forward, which you should try to touch the palms of the floor, and after a few months of exercise — the chest the knees.

Of exercises in a sitting position most effective for stretching muscles are considered to be the forward bends to touch the chest to the knees. Lying on your back, you can try to touch the toes straightened legs of the floor behind your head.

Remains popular among fans of morning exercise well-known gymnastic bridge. The exercise seems simple enough, but the unprepared person will hardly make it on the first try.

If you wish to give the load on the muscles of the legs, set up, standing on the floor, very wide feet, squat down on one leg, leaving rectified in the other side, begin to roll alternately in the left and right side. When performing exercises it is important to stay up to squat as low as possible.

Do not forget about exercise, as “boat”. For those who have never served, note that you will need to lie on your stomach, bend at the knees, lift the upper part of my torso, grasp ankles with hands and swinging back and forward on the floor a few seconds.

If you enjoy exercise, lying on your back, bend at the knees and try to touch the knees of the floor, looking at his blades. Touch should be done alternately with the left and right side.

Many people invent exercises for morning exercises independently. So there is the opportunity to choose for themselves the most comfortable movements that you will be able to perform 3 sets of 7-10 reps.

If morning exercise is the only exercise for the day

Of particular importance is morning exercise, when it’s the only workout for the day. Men in this case should be supplemented gymnastic exercises and stretching strength exercises.

The most effective exercise power remain squats, during which dynamically involved quadriceps (the front surface of the legs) and statically — the hamstrings (the back of the legs). Necessarily involved in the work also calves, glutes, muscles — the extensors of the spine, various small muscles.

No cost, no strength training without push-UPS and pull-UPS on the crossbar. In the first case, provided the load on the pushing muscles of the upper body (triceps, chest, partly deltoid muscle), the second – evolving pulling muscles of the upper body.

Do not be lazy to do vertical push-UPS. To perform them should stand next to the wall on his hands, feet touch the wall for balance, bend your elbows until light head touching the floor, push yourself a sharp effort up. This exercise is offset by the disadvantage of loads encountered in normal push-UPS, on average beams deltas.

Let us sum up

Based on the above, we can conclude that the morning exercise is not only not harmful, but also beneficial to health, if properly run. Any training after sleep includes mandatory part of the warm-up for 2-3 minutes. The purpose of the warm-up – activate the vital processes in the body and prepare the body to basic exercises.

For those who are doing exercises to Wake up, you can stop to warm up. If a person wants to tone muscles, strengthen them, it is advisable to carry out the basic exercises consisting of movements is simple stretching and strength exercises.

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