In childhood, we just could not imagine life without this two-wheeled friend. However, making circles around the area, not even thought about what an invaluable service provided by own cardiovascular system and body. Is it any wonder that at a time of carefree youth of our thighs and ankles were much slimmer and stronger than it is now?

When we with horror found that the abdomen and the thigh lost its former

elasticity, it is invariably resorted to the tested tool — exercise “bike”. In the mid-80s, it was believed that this is the most effective way of dealing with fatty deposits.

And in the early 90s in our lives, in our apartment quickly became an exercise bike. Be it at home was considered the highest style. We are again twisted and spun the pedals to drive with the hips recalcitrant fat. During the period of active development of the fitness movement and the emergence of new sports clubs have any Cycling — group exercise on stationary bikes.


You go into the Studio, I select the “horse” and adjust the seat. When the correct position your leg should be slightly bent at the knee. After that hop on the trainer. Forget about straight as a string back and slow the spinning of the pedals. Today you will be a serious race for survival, so this relaxed posture inappropriate. You need to lean to the steering wheel and firmly grasp handrails.

Now comes the fun part: the simulator has a special lever, which regulate the degree of resistance. Before the lesson, the trainer will ask you to work with the minimum and maximum intensity. And pedaling have struggled.

Next, you should determine your individual load scale — from 1 to 10. Under the numeral 1 refers extralegal level, when it seems that the pedals rotate by themselves. Figure 10 indicates that to move from a dead point, you can just superhuman efforts. So you can join the crowd of fans of Cycling, or at least to understand what is meant by the coach gives the command: “now quickly switch from three to eight!”

If you have ever been in a fitness club, you probably noticed the Studio for spin classes. Because out of any other room you will not hear such loud calls of the instructor. And it’s not that he got mad at the slow-witted customers. The secret in another: very loud music during exercise. With one hand to muffle the noise of the rotating pedals, on the other — to help trainees to give their best.

Lesson of Cycling lasts from 30 to 60 minutes and is divided into warm-up, main part, hitch and stretching. Better tune in to “ragged” rate and maximum muscle tension. The duration of cycles varies from one to several minutes.

They are somewhat similar to strength training: a brief work to the limit, then the rest. But do not rejoice — the word “rest” does not mean that you will allow to stay. It is only possible to reduce the resistance to one. At the end of class will have to spend a few minutes to recover breath, and another five minutes — stretching overworked muscles.

Those who are desperate to lose weight through diet. During one training session can burn up to 600 calories.

Those who want “dry” muscles of calves, thighs and buttocks, giving them elasticity and topography.

Those who want to test their endurance and to understand what a real, serious physical exertion.


Cycling — really intense workout with a number of contraindications: problems with knees, back , diseases of the cardiovascular and nervous systems. Therefore before the beginning of classes must pass a fitness test and consult a doctor.

You’ll need special pants. No, not the usual “bike shorts”, as you might think. This legging with special padding in the perineum and buttocks. The fact that the Bicycle saddle brutally rubbing private parts, so nothing but pain and discomfort you think. Thus, buy trousers for Cycling will become a pressing issue after the first class.

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