Benefits and harms


Take the normal fat product is impossible. In the works of Heraclitus, it is one of the elements of the creation of everything as a confrontation between the major iconic elements. Piece of this product in the Golden casket discovered in the study of the tomb of Tutankhamun. In the homes of the ancient Greeks dmitrovichsky civilizations fat acted as a kind of talisman. And yet it is a colorful component of the rich Ukrainian culture, a kind of relic, a symbol of wealth, durable brand.

What product told so many jokes, songs sung invented stories? Ukrainians

are not offended by jokes about his favorite delicacy, they invent them. But is less fond of this food representatives of other peoples, including the Slavs? She calls people. It, unlike caviar, or turtle soup, eat and hardworking, and presidents.


The product contains all essential fatty acids. The content of polyunsaturated fatty acids and monounsaturated oleic it faster than butter. But less useful for the body saturated pork contains less fat than milk.

Especially useful arachidonic acid, to live without it is impossible. She is responsible for the synthesis of hormones, cholesterol metabolism, is an integral part of cell membranes, enzyme heart muscle. And linoleic acid protects the heart from heart attack.

In the composition of fat, unlike butter and vegetable oils, are represented all the essential amino acids.

Caloric fat

Calorie fat – 770 kcal/100 g product. The same number contains a kilo of green peas, boiled potatoes or cod. But how can you compare the satiety of these products?

Using a small amount of fat, can be very long not to experience hunger. Because calories it is called long, that is, those that meet the needs of the human body in nutrients for a long time.

Useful properties

From the point of view of medicine fat is considered a very useful product. But only if it is a moderate doses. Its components are important in the formation of hormones, the rise of drug-resistant properties of the organism.

Doctors claim that by using this proven delicacy along with salad, you can prevent the development of atherosclerosis. Our ancestors at the beginning of cold warm pork fat smeared hands and feet, well bundled up, and after a few hours the disease retreated.

Doctors recommend to eat a piece of bacon the day before or shortly before the feast. The explanation is simple: the fat coats the stomach, not allowing the alcohol is quickly absorbed by its walls. By the way, the tandem vodka-fat has another interesting feature. Under the influence of alcohol fats are broken down faster, and therefore better absorbed by the body.

Unlike all other fats, pork contains only traces of cholesterol. Ratio to phospholipid is 1:3,3. This is close to the ideal 1:4. If you eat fat with garlic, harmful cholesterol in your joints will not.

The product contains everything the body needs fatty and amino acids. It perfectly cleanses the liver, and it is quite a small amount. But if the person has chronic liver disease, use not recommended.

For those living in environmentally disadvantaged areas, which, unfortunately, now you can read all the major cities, is recommended each day to eat 40 g of fat for women, 70 g for men. It frees the body from toxins, free radicals, is a good protector from tumor growth. The fact that most of the carcinogens out of the body, only dissolving them animal fat.

Fat in traditional medicine

Traditional medicine has many very effective recipes based on fat. Use cooked at home means much more than from expensive pharmaceutical drugs. Here are the recipes of some of them:

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