Breathing exercises bronchitis

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Breathing exercises bronchitis relieve stagnation of mucus in the bronchi, restoring an atrophic mucosa, increases the protective function of, sanitize pathogens and reduces inflammation.

Breathing exercises is an alternative method of treatment of diseases of the respiratory system, which helps to restore free breathing and increases the functionality of the human respiratory system.

Exercises Strelnikova for bronchitis: foul breath

Breathing exercises Strelnikova bronchitis is considered one of the most effective methods. The author’s whole life has led an active life, was healthy and happy and died at the age of 77 years, tragically, no sickness or disease in old age.

Therapeutic exercises for bronchitis is based on the ability to breathe correctly:

sharp, short, energetic breath: the air is drawn in through the nose vigorously and noisily through your mouth goes soft and inaudible.

the exhalation is through the mouth naturally and gently breathing should not be heard)

the rhythm of breathing should be supported through the account that corresponds to the marching rhythm

the breath should be performed simultaneously with the movement

exercises can be performed seated, standing or lying down — it all depends on the severity and extent of disease.

Breathing exercises bronchitis

Acute bronchitis allows you to start doing breathing exercises after the second or third day from the beginning of taking antibiotics.

The first exercise — warm-up


Stand with your feet shoulder width apart, relax the muscles, hands free lower.

Take a short breath through the nose, at the same time clenching his hands into fists, then exhale freely, fists clenched.

This exercise breathing exercises bronchitis it is recommended to take four times with an interval of 3-5 seconds. It will be very effective if you can do six sets of four repeat this exercise.


Take the initial position: stand with your feet — shoulder width apart, place your hands flat on the belt, the fingers clench into a fist.

Then make a sharp loud inhale, simultaneously dropping his hands along the body, the fists while and unclench the fingers wide riscoperta, simulating the dropping of the load from the arms and shoulders, exhale return to starting

position. This exercise therapeutic exercises doctors recommend taking at least eight times twelve approaches.

On the inhale should be possible to strain the muscles of the arms and shoulders. On the exhale, release the lips

«Sweat ball»

Take the initial position: stand with your arms and shoulders relax and drop, feet set shoulder width apart.

How to do the exercise: sharply and forcefully inhale through the nose, do a forward bend, head down, shoulders rounded, hands forward print, relax and sueste. On the exhale ( through your mouth), take the initial position. Repeat twelve times in eight tilts.

For children breathing exercises bronchitis is held in the form of a game. Let your child inflate a rubber ball, carrying out this exercise. Breath will correspond to the flow of air into the cavity of the ball. At the end of the exercise, drive the ball to the fictitious gate, thus defeating the disease.

«Dance cats»

Initial situation — stand up straight, relax your arms and shoulders, feet set shoulder width apart.

How to do the exercise: while inhaling, bend your arms and squeeze your fingers into fists, then sit down, turn the body to the left side. While exhaling take the initial position. Again take a breath and repeat the movement with the rotation in the other direction.

Performing this exercise with children, imagine a cat stalking prey.

«bear hug»

Standing up straight, straighten your shoulders, feet set shoulder width apart, hands slightly bend and push forward at chest level, palms pointing down.

How to perform: while you inhale squeeze into fists hands and slide them as far as possible behind his back, as if to hug yourself. Back on the exhale. This exercise therapeutic exercise with bronchitis it is recommended to perform twelve approaches eight times.


In the initial position set your feet on width of shoulders, straightening his shoulders and dropping his hands along the body.

How to do: lean forward during inhalation slightly forward, bringing the hands in front of him at the knees, exhale making — climb. Not stopping the exercise, slightly arch your lower back, having both hands behind his back. Vigorously inhale. Take the initial position, while taking a breath.

«Turn your head»

Stand with your feet position shoulder width apart, relax your hands, shoulders straighten, smooth back, abdominal muscles tighten.

Making the breath, turn your head to the left side, on the exhale, return to the original position, while continuing to exercise, take a sharp inhale and turn your head to the right side, then take a calm breath and return to the starting position.

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