Breathing exercises is the way to perfection

Industrialization of the planet has reached such a stage that the person was not enough living space. So began to appear the movement calling for a return to nature. Against this background, more and more people became interested in ancient teachings, in which much is based on your breathing. Chinese wisdom, Hinduism and other Eastern knowledge to best fit into this concept. On the basis of these teachings were compiled by the modern practice of breathing.

The use of these methods are not quite obvious, as they are all focused on entrance into an altered state of consciousness due to hyperventilation. The thrill of such a state similar to a trance. So detailed in these techniques will not stop (and indeed, they will have a psychotherapeutic effect than therapeutic), so let’s talk about healthy breathing exercises. It’s no secret that proper breathing allows you to achieve the best effect when playing sports. A few simple breathing exercises can greatly improve performance. Have you ever noticed that in stressful situations, a deep breath helps you relax? Certain breathing techniques exist for pregnant women.

“Hands”. Open hands (show palm), elbows away from the torso should not move. Strong and noisy breath, with our fists. On free exhalation relax your palm. Repeat this exercise 96 time series, four breaths in and out. If it is difficult to perform immediately 96, do 24 times.

«Pogonici”. Hands on his belt, fists heavily compressed, during the short and sharp breaths hands as if to push away from the floor, with the palm open. Then return to the starting position. You need to make eight movements take a breath without stopping, then 3–5 seconds to rest, then again – and so 12 times; or six times in 16 moves or three times 32.

the “Pump”. Stand up, slightly hunched over, hands are freely lowered. The slope, at the point of maximum approach to the floor dramatically and noisily inhale. A little straighten up (but not completely) without passive voltage exhale. Again the slope and breath. Norms of iterations are the same as in the previous exercise.

With the help of breathing exercises lose weight even, say, with due diligence, it is possible to replace the fitness club! For example, the breathing technique Tsangpa that way themselves and positioning.

Don’t know how to get rid of feelings of hunger? Try breathing exercise “Wave”. Lie on your back. One hand lay on his stomach, another – at the chest. Breathe so that when you inhale straighten the chest and stomach, exhale – on the contrary. This exercise, repeated 60 times, pacifies hunger.

the “Frog”. Give yourself two minutes to calm thoughts and focus on your breathing. In the sitting position with a straight back and legs raised at right angles (tibia-femur) and diluted shoulder width apart, let the air through the nose and guide him in the stomach. While women clench the fist of the left hand right, and men – on the contrary. Then exhale freely through the mouth. This should start feeling soft belly. During inhalation, the lower abdomen should be filled with air. When the belly is filled with air, hold for two seconds. Then again freely exhale through your mouth. Exercise should be done within 15 minutes. After which one cannot stand up abruptly, better, without opening his eyes, RUB the palm of your palm, then RUB your earlobes, and only then open your eyes and get up. This exercise cannot be done during menstruation!

the “Lotus”. Sit either the same as in the previous exercise, either on your knees in a posture of Buddha. Place your hands flat on the lap one over the other outstretched, palms up: women put at the top left, the men ’ s right. Just take a deep breath and relax. Give yourself one–two minutes to think about pleasant things that soothe you. Then proceed to the exercise.

Step 1. Take a breather, take a long breath and try to make a silent breath. The chest and abdomen should not noticeably rise. This stage lasts about five minutes.

Step 2. Breathe, focusing on the duration of inhalation and exhalation, as well as on buzzboost breathing. At this stage you will also need five minutes.

Step 3. Try to escape from the control of breathing, but if they appear extraneous thoughts, hold yourself in a state of mental relaxation. Keep your sense that you breathe and the air fills you. At this stage you need 10 minutes. Do the exercise “Lotus” three times daily or at bedtime, and in the morning, after I woke up.

Breathing exercises, allowing you to quit Smoking. At the first urge to smoke do this exercise, and the desire to be lost! So, first breathe in to the account of the “time”, exhale the same length, and pause between them, too, at the expense of “time”. The next breath take a little longer – at the count of two, pause and exhale also on two accounts, third, as you probably already guessed, done on three accounts, and so on up to five – more than five accounts breathing is difficult. Do this exercise by standing with straight backs. When finished, reduce the length of the inhale-pause-exhale exactly the same on one account until you get to one. Breathe normally for a minute, repeat the procedure two more times.

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