Cranberries – useful properties and applications of the leaves for weight loss


Bilberry is a shrub of the Heather family with evergreen leaves. Blueberries bright red color and in racemes. At the height of the plant reaches 25 see the Most favorable conditions for the growth of cranberries is pine forests and dry peat.

The collection period starts in September and lasts until November. Useful properties of cranberries last for a long time after harvest and even during prolonged storage berry does not lose its healing abilities.

The use of cranberries for medicinal purposes due to its rich chemical composition. Blueberries contain vitamins A and E, and ascorbic acid. In addition to vitamins, the composition of cranberries contains: potassium. calcium, phosphorus and iron. Low glucose is another reason why cranberries found such wide application in medicine and healthcare.

In folk medicine, bilberry is used as an antipyretic and tonic. And also in such diseases as dysentery, gastritis, diabetes, hypertension, jaundice, diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, tuberculosis of the lungs and internal bleeding. Also cranberries have antibacterial action.

Blueberries are used in vitamin deficiency. Healing effect of fresh and dried berries. Not less useful and the juice from the fruit of bilberry. It is used as a tonic and a tonic for colds, inflammation, and also in the treatment of diabetes, stomach disorders and skin cancer. Cranberry broth can be taken as a laxative if you have problems with the stomach and intestines.

Blueberries are rich in sugar and organic acids and used in the hypertensive diseases and gastritis. And the infusion of cowberry berries are advised to take at high temperatures and fever. Cranberry juice is not only good thirst quencher, but also lowers blood pressure and has a calming effect on the body.

Fruit extracts enhance the sharpness and concentration of view and is recommended for people who work or hobby which is connected with the load on the visual organs.

Healing properties have not only the berries, but the leaves of a cowberry. A decoction of leaves of a cowberry has antiseptic and diuretic properties. Recommended in diseases of the liver, arthritis and osteochondrosis. A decoction most effective when alkaline, so it is recommended to take it in the component with mineral water.

To prepare the broth needed 2 tablespoons finely chopped leaves that need to fill one of the cups of boiling water. The resulting solution was heated in a water bath for 30 minutes. After bringing the broth to cool and equity boiled water to bring the volume to 200 ml.

A decoction of bilberry in connection with St. John’s wort is used in the treatment of enuresis, and mixed with the fruit of the bilberry are used to combat fever.

Cranberries for weight loss

One of the applications of cranberries is the treatment of obesity. With obesity being used nothing like the leaves of a cowberry . The reason is that in the leaves of bilberry contains tannins. It is an element contributing to the correct operation of the digestive system. As well as many vitamins and minerals which in the component have a positive effect on digestive processes in the body.

Cranberries for weight loss used due to its ability to normalize metabolism in the body and also affect the level of sugar in the blood. Due to the diuretic properties of the decoction of bilberry helps to rid the body of all kinds of liquid and waste products. Often, decoction of leaves of a cowberry take in combination with various diets . This allows to achieve better result in less long-term. Infusion of cranberries and its use in addition to diet will help to normalize the functioning of the body and contribute to a significant reduction in weight.

The method of preparation of cranberries for weight loss

Need 40 g of crushed leaves of bilberry pour 200 ml of water. Then let the broth flasks for 15 minutes. Then strain and take 100 ml three times a day before meals. The course should not exceed three weeks.

A decoction of leaves of a cowberry not dangerous, but still has some contraindications:

People with serious liver problems . to make cowberry leaves for weight loss is not recommended. And increasing the acidity of the stomach decoction cies to drink after a meal. You should also oestrogenicity people suffering from low blood pressure . because blueberries help to lower pressure. People with kidney problems . cranberries can not only help, but also hurt. Therefore, before the use of the decoction should consult a physician. Don’t get too carried away drinking water, as this can greatly dehydrate your body that may lead to poor health and heart problems.

The use of decoction of leaves of a cowberry is a great way to get rid of excess weight without spending a large amount of money and without exhausting yourself with exercise and stress on the body. Well, if weight is not your problem, then use the broth in small amounts will help you clear the body of toxins and fluids.

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