Effective exercises in the workplace

Currently no one is surprised to see mom at work. However, there are negative aspects that can affect the health of both mother and baby. Typically, this is a forced posture – sitting or standing, which is a woman. The easiest and most affordable way to reduce the “hazard” of these factors is to pay a little time a useful exercise.

For a start look at what a dangerous job when the expectant mother is a long time in some forced position. Of course, if we are talking about the offices, most often almost the whole working day goes in sitting behind a computer monitor, paperwork, etc. but often it is the case that women have to stand long. Let’s see what happens in her body.

Fitness for sitting

With prolonged sitting the compressed blood vessels going to the uterus, consequently, disrupts the delivery of oxygen and nutrients to the baby. Ie can develop placental insufficiency and oxygen starvation (hypoxia) of the fetus. Of course, this cannot but affect the formation and maturation of all organs and systems of the child. In such cases, the probability of birth of babies with low birth weight, hypoplasia of those or other bodies or the baby may be born prematurely.

As a future mom can understand that the baby is uncomfortable? Often, if the fetus lacks oxygen, it States this power perturbation. Well as long the seat of the pregnant uterus (especially in the second half of pregnancy, when it significantly increased) presses the rectum to the pelvic floor, and the vessels are compressed, which contributes to the development or worsening of hemorrhoids and varicose veins of the legs.

While waiting for the baby is experiencing significant load and spine, exacerbated by a shift of the centre of gravity. In addition, with prolonged sitting (especially in a forced position, for example, computer) can be broken posture, which leads to headaches (often this happens in the third trimester of pregnancy). Seemingly, what is the connection between posture and headache? Yet the explanation is quite simple. Unfortunately, few people ensures that all day to keep your back straight. General office picture looks like this – people sit stooping down and lifting shoulders up, squeezing the neck. But there are vessels that feed the brain and give him oxygen if they are clamped, this violates the bloodstream, and the brain begins to “starve”, showing his displeasure headache.

Therefore, if a pregnant woman has a long time to sit, every hour you should stand, walk, do light warm-up for 5-7 minutes, to raise the feet above the level of the body, to ventilate the room. If any exercise is hard to do, it is better to refuse the acceptance or consult a doctor.

Fitness for standing

Continuous work while standing (hairdressers, sellers, etc.) may also negatively affect the organism of the mother and baby. This can slow down and disrupt the circulation in the legs. When you’re standing, the venous blood becomes difficult to climb the vessels up, as a result of impaired its outflow, and this, in turn, causes swelling, cramps, numbness in the feet. the worsening or the appearance of varicose veins and hemorrhoids.

Slowing of blood flow leads to its decline in the vessels of the uterus and placenta, disrupting the supply of nutrients and oxygen to the fetus. All these factors can cause oxygen starvation of the baby, leading to slow its development.

Also a long standing significantly increases the load on the spine of the expectant mother and can cause aggravation of degenerative disc disease,and this may result in the medication, which is highly undesirable in the period of waiting for a baby. So pregnant woman should definitely arrange a rest, sit down, put feet low bench – ‘s way of relaxing the back and improves circulation. And also it is advisable to do some exercises that will relax tense muscles, will result in the tone of those who, by contrast, were little used, will improve the blood flow, which also helps relieve fatigue and increasing efficiency. If a seat is not possible, you need to find the correct and most comfortable position of the body.

Choose a few exercises that you like, and try to allocate some time for a light workout. Of course, it so happens that you earned and do not want to be interrupted or forget to take a break. In such cases there is a simple and convenient way: put yourself “reminded ” ku” into the phone and let it informs you when it’s time to warm up, only after the signal do not delay this matter until later, and then we can do this all day to sit, not rising from her seat. Try a little change of your working day doing exercises, and you will notice that your health will become better, fatigue will not be as strong and many of the complications associated with an emergency situation, will be avoided.

If a woman is

Here are some exercises that it is desirable to perform those expectant mothers who are long standing. Exercises should be done in 7-10 times.

Stand on tiptoe and move the body weight from one foot to another, as if waddling (I. p. – standing, feet together, hands on his belt). If hard to stand without support, you can gently rest her hands on the back of a chair, table or wall.

Rise socks (I. p. – sitting, feet together, hands on his belt), alternately separates the heel from the floor and then drop them.

Exercise “crumple paper” I. p. – sitting, legs slightly apart, bends the toes, as if to crumple their paper). Also exercise can be done standing up.

Well make exercise a “cat” (of course, if possible), as it relieves tension in the back and reduces the tone of the uterus. You need to be on all fours and alternating round and to hold her back, guiding her chin up.

Rotation of the pelvis (I. p. – standing, feet shoulder width apart, hands on hips, it is important not to lean forward; in this position, draw the pelvis circles clockwise and counterclockwise).

“Were pulled”, (I. p. – standing, feet together, arms along the body), arms lift up on the inhale and stand on the toes and stretch your legs on the exhale to relax, dropping his hands down.

Circular rotation of the feet left, then right (I. p. – sitting, legs extended forward).

Traffic stops to and from you (I. p. – sitting, legs extended, alternately toe of each foot pull towards you, then away from you).

Well, if you have the opportunity to sit for a few minutes, raising the feet above the level of the pelvis. It will enhance the outflow of blood from the legs and relieve fatigue.

Charging for eye

We must highlight eye exercises for prevention of fatigue, prevent the development of myopia and dry eyes during computer work and other work that requires significant prolonged eyestrain. These exercises should be done as often as possible, at least 1 every 40 minutes (possibly more often). They are quite simple, but with regular practice a very effective as they can be done both with open and with closed eyes). It is recommended to repeat them for around 7-10 times.

Circular movements of the eyeballs clockwise, then counterclockwise.

Variables eye movement to the right-up, down, left-up, i.e. “draw” the letter “V” in the eyes, with fixation in the extreme positions.

Active zazhmurivanii: several times should force his eyes shut, then relax the muscles, count to 5 and open your eyes.

Active movements of the eyeballs to the side (head to try not to turn): left, right, up, down.

For the prevention of myopia due to spasm of the muscles of the eyes need to look at a remote object (e.g. a finger of an arm or a pencil) at the level of the tip of the nose and slowly bring it to the eyes, never taking his gaze. The same effect can be achieved if you can hear directly from a remote object, such as a window, to close.

Similar to the previous exercise “to see the tip of the nose”, to watch him, to stay in this position for a few seconds and then look away.

To palms close my eyes, relax and open your eyes.

Eye relaxation can also be achieved without focusing on any particular subject. To do this you should put the palm just below eye level, open your fingers and let the eyes wander through them. Exercise can be difficult, slowly turning his head to the right and to the left, never taking his rolling eyes from your fingers.

“Drawing the nose will help to relax the muscles of the eyes and neck. You should close your eyes, relax and imagine that the tip of the nose is a pen and draw anything: shapes, letters, all that comes to mind.

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