How to breathe when running

Running is the most accessible sport. Don’t need to buy tickets to the gym, don’t need special equipment – ample pair of sneakers, our own feet and the pursuit of physical activity. Maybe that’s why on paths in parks, there are more people who care about their health. Beginning runners often look with envy in the back of her more experienced colleagues and think, “I would!” Learn to overcome long distances. Most importantly, you need to know how to breathe correctly while running.

Breathe belly

How often do you think, how you breathe? The answer is likely to be negative. Most people – especially those that “sin” women breathe chest. Doctors are unanimous – that the breathing is correct, it is necessary to connect to the process diaphragm and upper abdomen.

To start work out at home – take a horizontal position, lay on your stomach the book and breathe through your nose so that with every breath and exhale it and raised. Such breathing is the most substantial and economical, so need to practice it constantly – at first when walking, and then while Jogging.

Nose or mouth?

Novice runners should breathe only through the nose. If you feel that you suffocate and there is a desire to open his mouth – slow down the pace. The body sends a signal that he is not comfortable. Why commit violence against his own body? Passing through the nasal passages the air is warmed, humidified and cleaned – therefore, it saves the upper respiratory tract from drying out and cooling.

“Fire breath” yoga – inhale through the nose followed by a strong and prolonged exhalation through the mouth is effectively in severe, prolonged exercise. If you start to run for the first time – they should not get carried away. No use, only excessive load unaccustomed to physical work the body. The desire to run a little more there, and breathing is not enough? Exhale through your mouth – this allows you to quickly clear the body of gases. And of course, don’t forget to air in lungs it is necessary to push the diaphragm, and not spread in a powerful breath chest.

To breathe only through the mouth only while Jogging in the woods or in the most pristine part of the Park. And, of course, not in the winter – so not long to earn bronchitis, tracheitis or something nasty. Generally, in the cold season while Jogging doctors recommend to keep the language thus, as if going to pronounce the sound “L”.

Believe steps

When a slow pace is best to inhale and exhale through four steps. Not everyone can do it right the first time – in this case try to inhale and exhale for two steps. Practice to start during walking. Once breathing becomes a habit, you can start Jogging.

Proper breathing not only allows you to run better, but also contributes to the overall improvement of the body – the blood pressure normalizes, comes up carbohydrate metabolism, begin to work better respiratory and digestive system, slow down the aging process. This is why it has become a habit not only during workouts – try and rhythmically breathe deeply as often as possible.

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