How to breathe while running – Running

As I heard a lot, read a lot of recommendations, advice on the technique of proper breathing while running, only God knows. But I often catch myself thinking that human creation is not only smart, but adaptable to any circumstances. Punish him while running, it is necessary strictly to breathe on any of arithmetic, he will certainly and will certainly take advantage of that Council.

In fact, you can very easily adapt to the score of “Four” – four steps inhale, exhale for four. Also very easy to adapt to another account – I

read it more than once. Just what are all these strange setup! And most importantly they are recommended and even try to justify these settings physiologically.

Even when the person doing young, strong, without any diseases in the body. But if the patient? What turned the already intensive work (and running it is an intense work done in a certain time at a certain speed) to being a curse? In my opinion there is no need.

And this applies especially to people embarked on the path of healing not from good life. They’re all whirring, weight problems, a lot of inconvenience when doing albeit slow, but still running. And here still impose some arithmetic account. It was a joke. Breathing while running should be natural, relaxed, easy. With this easy breathing have to control your pace, the workout area is very easy, doing the so-called arithmetic score can go unnoticed from the necessary aerobic zone to a mixed, or anaerobic.

No, to run on any account, in any case can not – tedious, difficult, and, more importantly, pointless. Another thing is breathing through the nose or mouth. This is already under consideration.

Breathing through the nose is very convenient for beginners – do not give to get out of the aerobic training zone. As soon as there is a desire to open his mouth, this is a signal that we need to slow down. But on the other hand the runner with a lot of experience is constantly running in the aerobic mode is not quite acceptable – no progress will be made, and the body itself will resist this. So this runner is still going to open his mouth and running quickly. That is, the breath he had already become mixed.

On the other hand, constant breathing through the mouth-nose in very cold weather in individuals with weak nasopharynx can cause colds. Overall, I for example while running, still breathing nose, mouth. On nasal breathing sometimes turn when questions do arise in the nasopharynx.

But in General there is a simple rule: you must breathe how to breathe! When the cold comes, and I have while running to open his mouth, I am in the breath I try to draw to the hard palate – at least partially stops the cold air and partly it warms. Try it, friends, this method, if anyone has problems with the nasopharynx. But still the most natural way of breathing while running and breathing through the nose, mouth and accentures attention to it. So run is run as, and breathe how to breathe.

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