How to improve the body after people quit Smoking?

Has for millenniums people know that cigarette and tobacco and other Uselessness. Unfortunately, every day on the planet appears more than two hundred smokers, while quitting bad job not much is not enough, and on average one and a half times less. Everyone has their own motivation. Someone starts to smoke because he believes the cigarette salvation that is obviously a lie, and someone throws just because the cigarette is not able to help and save someone from something.

Quit Smoking, the person gets freedom from cigarette addiction, but

problems such as polluted lungs or shortness of breath – remain. How to help yourself get rid of the consequences of bad habits and force your body to be updated?

There are some myths and facts regarding how to get tar out of lungs and how to normalize the functioning of the heart and the whole organism.

According to doctors and researchers, there is no such remedy that would efficiently and in the shortest possible time to withdraw from the lungs of harmful tar, but with time, their number will be much less. Completely empty your lungs, unfortunately, impossible.

Let’s start with the fact that the main problem on the way to recovery is lack of time. Yes, it is because of lack of time, many leave it and for many years suffer from bronchitis, dry cough, shortness of breath and arrhythmias.

The British edition of “The Independent ” conducted research, after which it turned out that 47% of young people in Britain smoke to relieve stress, while the remaining 53 percent say thanks to cigarette get wild pleasure which is incomparable to anything else. Doctors explain it simply. During the Smoking man, in the truest sense of the word off the brain. Brain activity slows and comes to a level, as after half a liter of alcohol. The reaction worsens and it seems that the problems on the backburner.

If you do them, not only to quit Smoking is not so difficult, but to get rid of the consequences. The first thing you should do is already an ex-smoker – is to think about vitamins. Each cigarette smoked previously destroyed almost daily dose of vitamins b and C. To complement and help yourself, you need every morning on an empty stomach to drink one glass of milk. However, the false opinion that the milk helps the lung to recover. First, you should consider how the milk would fall into the lungs, and secondly, dilapidated lung tissues milk to restore unable. However, daily consumption of milk, especially goat, contributes to the enrichment of vitamins the entire body, which they lacked previously.

In addition, Smoking women is very important to make face masks from milk with honey. This mask strengthens the skin, which smokers pretty quickly becomes wrinkled and not as elastic.

Another challenge faced by smokers – this deterioration. This is quite a normal process, because if you look at the problem from the inside, you will see fairly significant changes in the body of the smoker. One feature of the body is self-healing, but this can only happen after cigarette smoke ceases to enter the body. To resume the prior physical form will take years, though, scientists have concluded that all depends on the person. There were occasions when, after a quarter of a century Smoking, a person to come back into shape almost immediately, but it also happens that the form will not come ever again. In any case, you must follow certain tips that can help.

After the habit and the urge to smoke passes, do not immediately begin to actively engage in sports and Jogging every morning, cross – this is likely to anything good will not. The fact that the body will expend all their energy to heal the past “wounds” caused by Smoking and the extra load it will not afford. There is a myth that all bodies will eventually recover, but it is not so. For example, cardio-vascular system and in fact after two – three years will return to normal, but respiratory system – no. And no matter what the experience of Smoking was the man, the main thing is that the respiratory system and the lungs begin to break down almost immediately, and after quitting Smoking, after a few years, diseases such as bronchitis, emphysema or even lung cancer – quite likely. The researcher smokers Raj Chari for many years working with those who threw the addiction and came to very poor results. According to him, throwing to smoke, we help the body, but the risk of cancer will never be reduced to zero. The genes that are responsible for the development of lung diseases, was subjected to repeated studies, after which the twelve ex-smokers out of a hundred have been identified anomalies.

As for physical exercise to restore the body, then they can start with the minimum, then start the gymnasts warm-up or the players. Movement of head and hands, torso and feet, but, in any case not running, jumping or push-UPS. Double the load for the body can be devastating. Very helpful would be charging. If every morning ex-smoker will perform a simple set of exercises, preferably in the fresh air, the recovery will take less time to 23-27%.

Canadian scientists even create a special group of exercises for smokers and for those who have already said goodbye to this habit. It created a lot of rehabilitation centers where they help anyone who wants to restore your body after Smoking. Along with the exercises in the rehabilitation process includes daily consumption of one liter of fresh juice of orange or lemon.

In order to arrive in good physical shape, average ex smoker have to spend about three years.

Help can also special herbal, which can be purchased at any pharmacy. The collection contains a certain kinds of herbs that after the infusion is capable to remove toxins from the body, which can be especially important.

It often happens that the body itself tells ex smoker that he wanted. Someone after Smoking cessation pulls on fitness training, yoga, and someone begins to get involved in tea ceremonies. Maybe this will seem ridiculous, but a group of scientists from Seattle actually conducted a little experiment. A team of volunteers from two hundred people were subjected to a simple test – they were forced to quit. After some anguish, fifty former smokers woke up to a brand new desire. Thirteen people went to the ocean and warm sand, conquer surfing and stories, despite the fact that earlier they were scared of water. Seven people have changed jobs and took higher positions. The remaining thirty people were practicing yoga, skiing and tea (coffee) ceremonies. It says only that the body of the ex-smoker begins to recover and requires to restore whatever is needed at the moment. The result: a craving for something new, unknown.

Yet it is known that recovery can help…. Pool! According to doctors, the water – is a healing force in itself, but if it is combined with the correct breathing exercises daily hour of practice will not be pictures. For maximum effect it is necessary to find a pool where water is not treated by chlorination, and softer substances. If it’s summer, the pool can be open. At the same time to warm up in the sun, too, will benefit.As is known, the period of the withdrawal of toxins from the body accompanied with many ailments, such as malaise, migraine and headaches, pain in the lung area, periodic “breaking” bones. Because of this, the period becomes almost unbearable. To help move this state in the power of massage. But massage is not simple, but «gold», medical. Typically, the course is not more than three or four weeks, after which every second ex-smoker notices some updates in the body, the desire to play sports and lead a healthy lifestyle. By the way, after quitting Smoking, about 30% of people aged 23 to 46 years old cast and other addictions like alcohol or drugs.

When a survey was conducted of citizens in Russia on the theme of ‘why haven’t you quit Smoking?”, more than 80% of people aged 45 to 75 years responded the same way: “why? Still I can’t recover”. It’s very sad, isn’t it? American journal of “Chest ” also published an article with reference to American scientists who found one happy fact. If previously it was thought that to restore cardio-vascular system will require more than three years, now it turned out that as early as three weeks after quitting cigarettes, the heart begins to work better and the risk of cardio-vascular system is reduced by more than three times! The results were such that after giving up cigarettes, after a couple of weeks, in the blood decreased the number of malicious protein, which leads to atherosclerosis and malignant tumors. As you can see, Smoking – not a sentence, and even after the huge experience of Smoking, each person has the opportunity and the chance to recover. If you want tomorrow to feel differently, to give a new “breath” its easy, then think about having to say goodbye to addiction today. Nothing is impossible!

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