How to run

Running has always been considered one of the most useful and effective types of exercise. Primarily, this is because it helps not only get rid of extra pounds, but also improve health. Due to run stronger cardiovascular system, faster metabolism, disappear problems with the respiratory system, strengthens muscles, joints become more mobile, and ligaments strong. Thus, you can protect yourself from sprains and injuries in everyday life. In addition, running is one of the few sports that does not require a visit the gym or any additional equipment for training. You only need the desire, willpower and the road. Jogging in the fresh air can replace hours

of training in the gym and will bring much more benefit, pleasure and positive emotions.

If you decide to go Jogging, you need to prepare for the run. Start with the selection of sportswear and shoes for running. Prefer things made from natural materials. They will allow the body to breathe during exercise, which is also not unimportant. The clothes should be not only beautiful but also comfortable. Narrow, uncomfortable pants or Vice versa falling too wide and will constantly distract you from the workout and force stop. As for shoes, then her choice should be approached very responsibly. Properly fitted running shoes will not only facilitate the running, but will take care of your health. Their sole should be sufficiently soft and flexible and the upper part of the Shoe must be ventilated with special ventilation holes or mesh inserts. Uncomfortable shoes can permanently discourage you to go Jogging, as rubbed blisters and pain in the legs deliver far not the most pleasant feeling.

Now that you have the correct equipment, you must decide on the time of training. The best option for running is the morning. It is Jogging help the body to Wake up and to stock up energy before the start of a fruitful working day. But this is not a mandatory rule for all. Build on your individual biorhythm and daily schedule. If you have to get up pretty early or can’t make myself get up early, move the jog in the evening. Came home from work and put aside all the problems and troubles, to jog you will be able to relax and cool off. Time for a run you set yourself. Regardless, I can’t forget it 10 minutes or 50, the result is sure to be. Those who started Jogging, we recommend you start with the minimum time that the body is gradually getting used to a new exercise routine.

If you jog in the morning, immediately after waking up drink a glass of water, and only then begin to carry out steam treatments and prepares to run. Try not to eat and not snacking before exercise. This can be done in half an hour after my run. If you still have eaten, wait a few hours and then go to run. During your workout, indulge in the liquid. Dehydration will not lead to anything good. This has a negative impact not only on your health but also on the result of Jogging. Those who have decided to do at lunchtime or in the evening is not recommended to run on an empty stomach. Make sure you eat in the morning or during the day to provide your body with the necessary forces for training. Otherwise it will do its utmost to resist the additional loads, expressing it in basiliani and excessive fatigue. And in this condition, naturally, neither of which run cannot be and speeches.

Find a suitable place for Jogging. If there is a nearby Park or square, take it there. The best option for running will be soft, resilient surface, such as earth, grass or, in extreme cases, fine gravel. Running on an asphalt track can lead to foot injury and premature fatigue. Once in the chosen location does not start to run immediately. To begin, preheat your muscles and do some simple exercises. Squats, swings, jumping – all of this helps prepare the muscles for the upcoming load. Start the jog with the walk, which gradually develop into Jogging. Determine the optimal pace at which you will feel comfortable. Do not immediately start with long distances and to overtax the muscles. If you decide to run on long-distance, periodically alternate running with walking. For example, every hundred meters change the pace, dropping speed, but the change is accelerating. This will help the body recuperate and prepare for the next race.

Proper breathing is essential during the run. To make the training as efficient as possible, choose your optimal rhythm and tempo runs, which will depend on the rate of breathing. Try not to run too fast, especially for beginners. First, it will lead to fatigue, and, secondly, will knock the breath and you have to stop your workout. Selecting the appropriate tempo, follow these basic precautions with breathing while running. Breath do the nose, and exhaling through the mouth. The inhale should be as deep and infrequent, which will allow light to get the maximum amount of oxygen. Remember that to disrupt the breathing is much easier than repair, so try not to give the maximum load the body in the beginning of the training, and gradually to increase them. Avoid Jogging in the company, as the conversations during the run is the first cause of failure of respiration. In addition, while running in a pair, you will not be able to adhere to its own rhythm, adjusting to the partner, which will lead to fatigue and premature fatigue.

To obtain maximum benefit from running will allow only regular workouts. It is recommended to run daily, but if this is not possible, try to do Jogging no less than three times a week. A long break will knock you out of the established rhythm and everything will take place again from the outset. Do not give in to laziness, which will stop your aspirations and dull the desire. Find the strength and go for a jog, and after a few minutes you will realize that your efforts were not in vain. Not looking for reasons to postpone or reschedule a training session, run at any time and in any weather. Even if the street is a small rain or colder, do not give up a run. Dress warmly, turn good, upbeat music and go have fun with running. However, it is not necessary to bring the matter to fanaticism and to train in the cold or pouring rain. In this case it is better to wait until the weather conditions improved, making the warm-up or running in place at home, not allowing the body to detox from the constant stress.

The main prerequisite for obtaining the desired effect is a good incentive for training. Set yourself a goal and confidently to her head, regardless of whether you want to lose weight or just improve your state of health, strengthening the body. After the target is reached, increasing demands and do not stop to improve, and soon morning run so will become a habit that will become an integral part of your life.

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