I have lost 12 pounds and forgot about medicines

I came to yoga for a reason. Felt very bad, I had a “bunch” of disease – pain in the joints throughout the body, osteochondrosis of the thoracic, lumbar, constant headaches, pressure. After running through the doctors, who shrugged and didn’t know how to help friend advised to do yoga. But I shrugged, after all, pretend like it’s a religion, a sect, and even did not want to think that will take care of her. But even when a midwife and herbalist, on which I travelled was powerless, I took my husband by the hand and said let’s go!

For the past 15 years, since 2000, yoga for Catherine Bogdanova and her

husband Valery Abramovich has become a way of life.

As recognized Ekaterina Petrovna, the first lessons were given to her with difficulty. The woman was sick, was sick, but quit yoga she hesitated for a simple reason.

– Out on the street after the first lesson, I so clearly saw green leaves on the trees, as I’ve never seen them in such a saturated color. I realized how I cleared up in my head, in the eyes. And all this thanks to the breathing exercises – says the woman. – I felt that the body begins to awaken and revitalize. The same thing I was told and instructor Vladimir Kovalevsky.

«do Not care of their body and health. ” crime”

I feel after each session I feel a surge of strength, the clarity in the eyes and thoughts, all tiredness disappears, and the mood is excellent, ” says Ekaterina Petrovna. – Our body and body – the temple of the soul, which we must maintain in perfect order! Not to watch your body and health – a crime! With their small height is 155 cm, I weighed before 67 pounds, and now my weight is 55 kilos! All thanks to the training and proper nutrition. So I decided to create a yoga class that other people are thinking about their health.

Now the basis of my diet of fruits, vegetables, nuts, cereals, soups, fish, and no meat.

In 2012, Ekaterina Bogdanova went on his first trip to India, which she was offered a yoga instructor. Question to go or not, does not arise, because about the country she was already heard a lot and wanted to see her. In India Ekaterina Petrovna could not only entertain, but also passed the program of cleaning the body. And decided it would be to go there at every opportunity. Because after the trip, her hemoglobin and low blood pressure back to normal.

In 2013, again the woman went to a Wellness program, and last year decided to learn there for a yoga instructor.

– At the International Academy of yoga I was about two months and took a course consisting of 200 hours. We several times a day doing yoga with these monks, taught philosophy, doing breathing exercises and cleansing procedures, – says Ekaterina Petrovna. – Our day began at 5:30 in the morning to the evening training was going. At the end of the course each student received certificates.

Now, for the past six months, Ekaterina Petrovna is a yoga teacher and lead group sessions twice a week for 1.5 hours. In a rented room at one of the gyms in Izhevsk, in the two groups are of 12 to 14 people. All different ages from 25 to 50 years. Assures herself Ekaterina Bogdanova, to start practicing yoga at any age. Ideally twice a week for 1.5-2 hours.

– Most often, people who never encountered with yoga, think it’s a solid twist, stand on their heads, and it scares them. But all of these exercises – the ultimate goal and indicator of what may be coming, constantly engaged in yoga. It is based on the formulation and proper breathing, ” explains the woman.

«Previously in my bag always was a pharmacy, and now I forgot about drugs”

– Earlier in my bag always had a bag of drugs with a whole pharmacy! – recalls Catherine Petrovna. – It was a real addiction. Without them, I was afraid to even go to the store. And now even in long trips I don’t take the required set, which is needed in the journey.

Some of them look at me with admiration, others – with envy, and someone expectantly, thinking – what will she do next.

Ekaterina Bogdanova frankly admits that she is now more interested in communication with young. Because of their constant desire for something new is very contagious. Whereas people her age, and only complain about their illness, while not attempting to engage in their rehabilitation

«he Passed right the first time, now learn massage courses”

Our heroine lives with the motto “movement ” this life”. So in January of this year Ekaterina Bogdanova passed on the right. So even from the first, although at first, her instructor did not believe that she can handle it.

– The first thing he asked the instructor, when I came to study in law – “but not too late? It is unlikely you will succeed”. But I was confident and assured that you will pass the first time. And it did, with delight recalls Catherine Petrovna. – I with such zeal and interest studied, plunged into it head first. Every waking moment was reading the tickets, solved puzzles. And then came the day of the exam in the traffic police. Remember that sat next to me the instructor of impressive dimensions. But for the whole trip I didnít move one nerve cell, I never got excited and January 28, got right! And once again, I came to the conclusion, as yoga brings the body and nerves. Because before I was a different person ’ s very emotional and explosive.

Even the grandson of Catherine Petrovna 6-year-old Sergey says he knows why his grandma is so calm.

“He said to me,” grandma, you have such a calm music I listen to when I do yoga, which is probably why you’re so calm. And even when you’re angry, then quickly calm down”, ” laughs Catherine Petrovna. – And granddaughter Sofia so generally in my footsteps went. Started practicing yoga, and regularly sends photos of their achievements.

After obtaining the rights, Ekaterina Petrovna constantly driving behind the wheel. But, as acknowledged, was a hollowness, and there was a question – what to do with myself next? And decided not to stop, not to sit still, and now develops courses of classical massage. Now teachers and “experimental” note that she’s good at it. As admitted Ekaterina Bogdanova, after a course of massage she will not stop, and will definitely find some occupation for the soul.

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