Indoor Cycling aerobics

Despite the fact that most women are totally different, we still have a few commonalities that unite and utilize women not weak half of humanity. One of them is the desire to be slim and keep your body in perfect shape, causing envy among women and admiring glances from men. There are a huge number of various ways to lose weight, we want to tell you about another painful diet, but about a much more effective method. It has long been actively practiced in the West and in the USA, so we’re not going to do the secret of our popular indoor Cycling aerobics breaks records in terms of efficiency and speed of weight loss. Many fitness centers have actively begun to include in

its program this kind of practice and from those who want no end.

Cycle training

What is it? Indoor Cycling is one of the types familiar to all fitness, but with a heavier load, because the training is carried out on a special Bicycle – spincycle (speed bike), hence the name. I have to say, these loads as in cycle aerobics is not for people with weak heart and other health problems, so do not be amiss to consult with your doctor before beginning such training.

How does it work? The cycle is collective trainer, contributing to the development of the spirit of struggle and competition. Riding on the trainer is accompanied by rhythmic music that support the overall rhythm of the exercises, but the task of the coach to monitor the progress of implementation of all recommendations and monitor the mood of the group. The exercise bikes much more comfortable habitual of such units, because they are lighter, they can be adjusted to fit your needs at the moment, for example, to simulate descents or ascents at different angles, and also to control the load and speed of movement.

The effect of the presence of cycle

The realism of this type of fitness gives a huge screen with a picture of an area, on which see the trainee during the practice cycle. Thus, we achieve a kind of presence on the terrain and the feeling that you really are riding a bike somewhere in the mountains. And the companions and rivals only add a fuse and a positive charge and is necessary for grueling workouts energy.

To enhance efficiency in the cycle there are different levels of difficulty. Therefore the groups to practice the form a cycle based on the state of health and overall physical fitness. Under these features are governed bike simulators during the training will be adjusted in the direction of increasing load. The first classes are very important – they have an experienced coach must not only teach the novice to sit correctly on the bikes, but also to breathe correctly and faithfully carry out the instructions of the exercises. Coming to training for the first time, take priority above things.

The advantages of this fitness aerobics

Like any other sports activity, cycle aerobics begins with a warm up and ends with stretching. Need to remember this, otherwise there is a risk of injury, which for a long time can deprive you of the opportunity to visit a fitness room.

To train different muscle groups and thus to achieve the most visible and effective results, on the cycle, you can ride standing up (bobs press, the muscles of the buttocks, inner thigh), sitting (calves of the legs, thighs), and also different to pedal and change the position of the Tala at its discretion.

If you want to lose weight, then training cycle is what you are looking for. Here you will spend a huge amount of extra calories, and after a month of intensive training, you will feel it is a tangible result, namely, the muscles of the buttocks, thighs, abdomen will delight you with beautiful terrain, and all sorts of fat “ears” disappeared.

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