Physical activity improves the mechanisms regulating coronary circulation.

The need makes everyone know

Before you begin to summarize this issue, I want You to look carefully at this table (Cm. table. 7).

Table 7. The cases of myocardial infarction in different occupational groups of the population of Moscow (in %)

As can be seen from table 7, people whose work is connected with mental activity, emotion, and electrical surges are significantly more susceptible

to cardiovascular disease. The data given known cardiologist A. Miasnikov, relevant, or more relevant in our time and in the future.

So, a few words about the emotional factor. Positive emotions – a feeling of Supreme happiness of man, without which the existence of the body could be under threat. In the period of emotional stress (positive emotional state) dramatically changes the functions and systems of the body. Adrenaline is released into the blood, increasing the gas exchange, decreasing almost all energy processes. Occurs a burst of energy, increases efficiency.

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How to engage in a rocking chair while dieting

Acute illness and sudden aggravation to lose weight by counting calories chronic diseases of the intestine with severe diarrhea.

The purpose of the diet № 4:

to provide food to lose weight with gwideman example indigestion, reduce inflammation, fermentative and putrefactive processes in the intestine, contribute to the group diet blood group 4 the normalization of the

functions of the intestines and other digestive organs.

General characteristics of the diet № 4:

diet low calorie due to cheljabisnk sanatorium diet fats and carbohydrates with normal protein. Sharply limited to mechanical, chemical running for weight loss how to breathe correctly and thermal stimuli in the gastrointestinal tract. Excluded products and dishes. amplifying the running for weight loss how to breathe correctly the secretion of the digestive system, the processes of fermentation and putrefaction in the intestines. Dish liquid, semi-liquid, pureed, boiled in water or steamed. Excluded very hot and cold dishes. Continue reading

Therapeutic exercises for the spine
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Breathing exercises is the way to perfection
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Morning exercises
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