Means and forms of physical education in special medical groups

By means of physical education in special medical groups are dosed physical exercises, as well as natural factors of nature and rational, hygienically grounded mode which provides a curative effect on the body, precluding the formation of bad habits. The primary means are physical exercise.

In the classroom, use physical exercises that cause a valid, relevant functional capacity of the body, the reaction of the cardiovascular and respiratory systems. The degree of stress strictly supervise and regulate.

In the initial period of practice use of low-intensity exercise that increases the heart rate by 25-30% from baseline. Subsequently include metered load average intensity that increases heart rate of 40-45%, as well as exercises of high intensity (at a sufficient adaptation of the organism to physical stress) that increase heart rate to 70-80%. Submaximal and maximal physical activity in the classroom with students of special medical groups do not apply.

The basis of the training process is the use of endurance exercises that have the most favorable influence on the cardiovascular and respiratory systems.

Exercises for strength and speed in the classroom at first cautiously, and then, as involved in adaptation to physical loads, proceed to the training and these qualities.

Useful physical exercises with objects (gymnastics sticks, balls, clubs, etc.), as they increase the emotional intensity of the classes, make them more interesting.

In the classroom use a metered run. First, it is used in the form of Jogging at a slow pace and then gradually increase the load by increasing the length to overcome distance (but not at the expense of acceleration runs). This methodical technique fosters endurance and allows you to cross the divide between aerobic exercise from anaerobic. At the first sign of fatigue should be translated by the student to the walk.

Aspect of training in special medical groups is the large number of special exercises, directionally influencing individual weakened body systems.

In the classroom with special medical groups of apply exercises from different sports. The advantage of these exercises is their applied value.

The lessons contains exercises on gymnastic apparatus (mixed vises on a low horizontal bar, still rings), dance exercises jumps in length and height with a short run, to ski on suboperations areas up to 1— 1.5 km, the elements of sports games. Then gymnastic exercises become more complex, increasingly used elements of sports games, the distance of movement of skiing on sredneperesechennoy area extends up to 2-3 km, you enter the throwing of balls and grenades weighing 250-500 g, pushing the wadding ball weighing 2-3 kg.

In special medical groups is recommended lessons mixed type, since variety of the tools used and their timely alternation raise interest in practice, give them an emotional and prevent fatigue. Using different methods of exercise (group, line, and pie), gradually increase the density classes up to 50-70%.

The scheme of the lesson is not different from common, it consists of three parts: introduction, main and final. The content and duration of the parts of the lesson have some special features: the introductory part lasts up to 20 minutes and consists mainly of General developmental exercises performed in the middle and a slow pace; in the main part of the training only one type of motion, widely used outdoor games medium intensity or elements of sports games, specific exercises, the nature of which depends on the disease; the final part takes about 5-7 minutes and contains a slow walk, breathing exercises, exercises on the education of proper posture, muscle relaxation and attention.

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