Morning exercise is the basis of a healthy lifestyle!

If you offer to any person to list the components of a healthy lifestyle, morning exercises, for sure, will be in the top three!… If you ask

any person who believes that he leads a healthy lifestyle (well, almost leads)), what exactly this is manifested, for sure, morning exercises in this list will not appear. Judge including. I think the reason is largely that it is one thing to change, for example, diet — eat-we in any case, nothing new in principle do not have to, just to correct some of the products and methods of their preparation (okay, not always easy). Another thing — charging! It is something self — a new action which you should still be able to write on the list of their regular habits!

And finally, my husband started to do IT. We firmly hope that this time for good! Was able to fix the habit to pour cold water after a shower. Feel here and can get on the same principle. Although morning exercise we have not yet passed the test of time, still want to say a few words about it.

What prevented me earlier to do morning exercises in the morning?

First, the lack of time and inclination to stretch this procedure. Secondly, the fact that after she must need a shower, but it’s still time. Thirdly, I could not decide for themselves the dilemma: if you do before Breakfast, then felt weakness; if after — severity))) Plus, for a long time athletics «childhood» I used — training in my 17 or 18.00, and not at 9am! (And, especially, not 7). In General, continuous difficulties!

How we could start to do morning exercises?

Frankly, not working a regular job, where you want to run in the morning, maintain a healthy lifestyle easier. But still the main reason that helped me personally — that I changed a small detail. The fact is that there is no need to do in the morning is a long and very intense! The meaning of the charge to «awaken» the body, to get more to the heart, to warm up slightly, to show the body that it is important for us, and we take care of him. And not to build muscle or to provide a full normal physical activity for the day!

With this approach kind of fail! Enough time is 10-15 minutes, not too difficult to identify. As the load is not large, then it can «move» no Breakfast. The shower is also not mandatory (although not prevent)), can take part, this will be enough for a couple of minutes — I swear!

And is there any benefit from such a charge?

In the past two weeks I can say for sure that the effect I see: improve physical well-being — there is some willingness, perhaps, to activity — since morning. Plus on the exterior is also reflected, for example, I began to take the place of the shoulders, which had some forward deployed..

What is included in our set of exercises:

Basically, I now believe that it is not important — it can be any kind of physical activity that gives pleasure. Better to periodically change something that didn’t bothered to do the same.

Usually my husband and loosen up the muscles and joints through regular stretching exercises — tilt, rotate, Mahi hands, circular motion — the head, pelvis, knees, feet, etc. One set of push-UPS (10-15 times), abdominal exercises, one series (number — is already on the level of training — 15 times or 50)). Sometimes sitting down — 20 times in a lightweight, 50 then everything was hurting, but it’s not too bad . Another option — just to walk 10 minutes on the stepper. Another 1000 variants is not yet known, so until I write!

In General, off on charging!

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Morning exercise is the basis of a healthy lifestyle!
If you offer to any person to list the components of a healthy lifestyle, morning exercises, for sure, will be in the top three!… If you ask any person who…

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