Morning exercises

The advantages of morning exercise

Certainly, we all know that feeling, when, after ringing alarm so you do not want to get up and start the day, when a warm bed seems like the best place on Earth, and all things can wait a couple of minutes. After waking up with such a mood, even the most bright and Sunny day will be gloomy and tense. To avoid this and to provide themselves with energy and vitality help ordinary morning exercises . It will be the key to a good mood and will help to easily implement all your plans for the day. Daily morning

exercise will be your first step on the path to achieving your goals, because it trains your willpower and your character.

In addition to the above advantages, the morning exercises there are a number of other positive aspects. First of all, doing exercise after waking up helps the body to Wake up, stimulating the work of all organs, increases energy, and also adjusts to the continuation of motion, so that your day passes quickly and vigorously. Another advantage of charging, which not to mention is the maintenance in great shape muscles. Despite the fact that the morning exercise incorporates the most elementary exercise and does not involve heavy load, it will be enough for your body has always been in good shape. Morning exercise normalizes blood circulation, thereby ensuring that all the internal organs, including the brain, the necessary amount of oxygen, increasing his mental activity the morning. Exercise helps to Wake up the nervous system after sleep and prepare the body for future loads. Morning exercise is the best way to enhance the protective properties of the organism and improve the immunity .

Especially morning exercise

If you still find the strength and decided to make a habit of daily morning exercises, you should know some of the morning exercises that will help you to get maximum results. First of all, it is not necessary to proceed to the loads right after you got out of bed. First, drink a glass of water with lemon juice, to start the process of metabolism in the body, then do the usual morning routine, and only then can start charging.

A sharp revival is always a great stress for the body, and physical exercise immediately after this will only aggravate the situation. So do not rush to jump out of bed and start exercise, give your body time to recover and run all the natural processes. A little lie down, stretch in bed, straining the muscles of the arms and legs, and thereby preparing them for the upcoming load.

Start morning exercise

Start charging with a light warm up. It should be mild movements designed to warm up muscles, promote joint mobility and protects from possible injuries while doing the exercises. Every workout has its basic principles. Whatever exercise for her location, to execute them in a specific order. Always start from the upper body, slowly moving down. To start to warm up muscles neck rotational movements and head tilt in different directions. Then go to the shoulders, performing a rotation of the shoulder joint back and forth. Next, pay attention to the hands. In a circular motion, first hands, then arms, bent at the elbow, and then smooth hands, you warm up the muscles of the hands. Make smooth the slopes in both sides, while leaving a fixed pelvis and legs, and then bending forward, not making any sudden movements. Do not try to overcome your abilities and make the slopes as deep as you allow your muscles. Then roll the pelvis on both sides and pull the muscles of the legs, smoothly rolling from heel to toe, standing at a full stop. All the exercises repeat 10 times. The warm up should take you no more than 5-10 minutes.

Core exercises morning exercises

Now that the muscles are prepared for the load, you can move on to basic exercises. Focus on squats. Put your hands behind your head, place your feet shoulder-width apart and stoop to until the thigh is not parallel to the floor. Your back must be flat and slightly tilted forward. Do the exercise slowly, the maximum straining legs to straighten. Special attention can be paid to problem areas that often are thighs and belly. Legs swinging back and forth will help to strengthen the gluteal muscle and twisting movements of body you train not only your muscles but also the muscles of the back. Don’t forget about the hands, which also require constant training. No one forces you to do push-UPS, 10 push-UPS from your Desk or windowsill.

Don’t forget about the stretching exercises. Sitting on the floor and spread her legs wide apart, slowly drag first one sock and then the other. Then connect the legs and not bending your knees try to get the hands to the heels. If you want not only to cheer the body, but also to build muscle, can use while charging the weights in kilogram dumbbell. Great end of charging will be running in place or jumping rope. But remember that it is not necessary to stop suddenly. Smoothly change the run to the walk on and walk for a few minutes. Then take a deep breath, raising her hands up, and scroll down on the exhale.

As with any exercise, during the charging process you need to follow the breath. Proper breathing is the key to successful training and stable work of the muscles and internal organs. Always inhale through the nose and exhale through your mouth, making a deep breath and exhale. Remember that while the load is exhalation, which gives the body a boost and increases endurance. The best option morning exercise is charging in the fresh air. If you have the opportunity, do it in your garden, a nearby Park or square. Those who cannot afford it, we recommend that before beginning exercises to ventilate the area by opening for a few minutes, all Windows. Try to breathe and chest, and belly, pulling the belly and stroking her breast. Performing all these rules, you will be able to get from a morning exercise a double benefit, to strengthen the muscles and enrich the body with oxygen.

Remember that only regular exercise will bring the desired result. The first time, certainly, it will be hard to force yourself to do some exercise when still attracts so soft and warm bed. You would think that it would be better if you slept those extra 15-20 minutes that you spend on exercises. But when you see the first result when your every day will become better and more positive, when all things will be solved with ease, and fatigue towards the end of the day disappears, you will see the charm of morning exercise, and it will become an integral part of your life. For those who are especially concerned about their health, the best option would be to charge with water treatments. You can start with a cold shower, then replace it with a cold, and after a while, move the wiping and pouring in the fresh air. Don’t forget that this should be done gradually, giving your body a chance to acclimate to low temperatures and tempering the immune system. Whichever way you choose, it will definitely benefit and will radically change your attitude to life.

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