Morning exercises

Why morning exercise

We all know the heavy feeling of waking in the morning. As it is sometimes difficult to start a new day, to move away from a wonderful sleep, the rough evening or weekend. And you have to force yourself to achieve your goals and objectives. How to gain energy for the whole day? Of course, you’ll perk up a Cup of strong coffee or energy drinks, but how long is enough of an organism? There is a way – morning physical exercises!

Morning exercise will not only invigorate the body in the morning, but and give energy to the body for the day, will increase the flow of oxygen in the body and thus increase the efficiency of the brain.

The benefits of morning exercise:

• Morning exercise awakens, heals and strengthens the body.

• Improves circulation, which helps to strengthen all systems of the body.

• Has a tempering effect.

• Disciplined person.

• Improves mood, increases efficiency.

Even our beloved Pets – cats and dogs doing physical exercises with a specific set of exercises. First, they gracefully stretching – stretching all your muscles, and then begin to move slowly, stretching all the joints and muscles, and in fact the whole day they do not calm down.

How to accustom your body to the morning exercises:

To start doing morning exercises, you need to understand that You are doing it for themselves and to improve their health.

Try to observe the rules of healthy sleep. then the morning will bring joy.

Tell Leni “No”! If we allow ourselves the morning to rearrange a few times the alarm, you can allocate a few minutes for morning exercises.

Do exercises in a good mood.

You can start by doing some very simple exercises right in bed and gradually add regular exercises, some of which are described below.

Rules morning exercise:

From charging you want to have fun, so do not drag the morning lift heavy weights or to arrange for long-distance.

You should not start charging immediately after waking up, give the body 10-15 minutes to Wake up.

Morning exercises should consist of 5 to 10 exercises, each of which must be repeated about 10 times. If you are just beginning to exercising, the amount of exercise can reduce.

Morning exercises should be held at a quiet pace.

Clothing for charging should be comfortable.

It is best to do morning exercises in the fresh air or in a ventilated room.

Morning exercises to do regularly! Only regular practice will bring maximum benefits to the body.

Exercises for morning exercises:

A complex of exercises for morning exercise should consist of a warm up that lasts 2-3 minutes and the main morning exercises.

The warm up can consist of a regular stretching, smooth tilt and swivel head and torso, walking on toes, twisting movements of the hands and so on.

Basic morning exercises can include exercises such as bending (as in standing position and in sitting position), gymnastic bridge, squats, all kinds of rotation (head, shoulders, knees, hands, elbows, feet) and so on. Choose those exercises that I like, liven up your morning exercises.

5-10 minutes spent in the morning on charge is a guarantee of good mood and vivacity for the whole day and good health for years to come!

Be sure to remember that a healthy lifestyle is not only a physical activity, and proper nutrition. healthy sleep, hygiene. hardening and avoiding harmful habits.

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