Physiological ways stimulate fat burning

Physiological ways stimulate fat burning

1. Strength training (anaerobic mode). In this case we are dealing with physical overload, which causes the body to include a mechanism of adaptation to extreme environmental factor. Decent rod weight (especially in the basic version) gives a good jolt to the Central nervous system. CNS leads the body into a state of stress, forcing it to adapt by throwing out

the “packaging” of hormones to start homeostatic reactions. Homeostasis — the constancy of the internal environment is concerned than any organism throughout life. Strength training causes him to mobilize energy resources to ensure muscle activity (decomposition and resynthesis of ATP), activate the endocrine functions that control plastic intensively working to ensure cellular structures, and after work to engage in restorative processes. What hormones we need to start the fat burning? Adrenaline, glucagon, cortisol, growth hormone.

When strength training is inevitable adrenaline rush as it performs an important role in the activation of anaerobic glycogenolysis in the muscles. Significant use of muscle glycogen is only possible in the presence of adrenaline in quantities exceeding its level in the blood alone. After 30 minutes of work comes an increase in the concentration of glucagon, which is necessary for additional stimulation by this hormone mobilization of glycogen in the liver. And, finally, to use the remaining energy resources enters into the work lipolytic (girlsgogames) action of epinephrine and glucagon, which mobilizes fat sources. Cortisol, which is produced in any stressful situation, reinforces this effect. Its main functions include:

stimulation of gluconeogenesis, which provides an extra amount of energy. In the process of “” events,” this is necessary, indispensable process neoplasm of glucose in the liver from non-carbohydrate sources is of particular importance. When supply runs low glycogen (carbohydrate depots of the organism in conditions of carbohydrate “unloading” (carbohydrate-free diet, which is considered the most effective for burning fat), the body remains nothing how to start to use as fuel for the life of some amino acids (which can be added to the diet, eliminating the possibility of muscle breakdown) and fat;

enhance the action of adrenaline;

stimulation of protein catabolism for the determination of amino acids for the synthesis of enzymes;

increased mobilization of free fatty acids, making them the most accessible energy source.

So do not rush to sin on cortisol, as “harmful catabolic hormone responsible for the loss of muscle mass”. Glucocorticoids, like other hormones, important for our figures in terms of growth of muscle mass — without the destruction of proteins is not their synthesis and breakdown of fat. The important thing now is mergermania consent.” As you know, insulin, even in normal concentrations inhibits lipolysis. The decrease of this hormone in terms of strength training occurs after 10-20 minutes of operation. So switched the power supply with carbohydrates to using fat as a substrate of oxidation in working muscles.

Everyone knows that strength training stimulates the release lipoliticescoe hormone is somatotropin. However, its fat burning effect unlike adrenaline, which stimulates lipolysis instantly, manifested through 1-2 hours after the increase of growth hormone in the blood. This amazing property STG: imagine the training is over, you rest, and growth hormone in that time eats fat, protein synthesizing structures beloved of our muscles.

2. Aerobic exercise (running, rowing, Biking, etc.). Running, like nothing else, activates the sympathetic-adrenal system, increasing the release of key neurotransmitters — catego-laminou (L-DOPA and dopamine) that are synthesized from the amino acid phenylalanine and end the chain of transformations in the image of noradrenaline and adrenaline. As a result of the action of adrenaline and noradrenaline increases oxygen transport to tissues, particularly to the muscles. The consumption of oxygen from the external environment contributes bronhorasshirauchee the action of adrenaline (the same principle works, by the way, clenbuterol). The role of adrenaline in the mobilization of energy resources (i.e., the cleavage of carbohydrates and fats) is that under its influence in the muscles increases the breakdown of glycogen in the muscles. This stimulates the oxidation-reduction reactions. The release of glucose in the blood and utilization of lactic acid (H+ + lactate) allows you to fight fatigue and to work for long time in the aerobic mode, which is essential for fat burning. The oxidation reaction is aerobic (with oxygen) decomposition of neutral fat in water and carbon dioxide with separation of 75 molecules of ATP:

Neutral fat + oxygen (O2) -> TF + CO2 + H2O

Extended periods of medium intensity (running, Cycling, rowing) starts the way aerobic oxidation, which, for all its exhausting monotony is the shortest in the burning of fat at the sides.

The other side is the role of adrenaline in the process of lipolysis is actually in his lipolytic action (in addition to its stimulatory effects on aerobic oxidation), resulting in the acceleration of the disintegration of fatty acids and glycerol.

As catecholamines affect the fat burning process?

As follows: suppress appetite activate the synthesis and secretion of lipolytic hormone inhibit the excessive release of insulin.

As training increases the release of the catecholamines, and C-AMP (intracellular “courier” for certain hormones), which increases the sensitivity of cells in the body. Simultaneously, improves the sensitivity of cells to thyroid hormones, adrenaline and corticosteroids.

Among LTG — lipotropic hormone — there’s this magical hormone, beta lipotropin, biological properties, which is part of the fat-mobilizing action, KOR-tichodroma activity and insulin-like effect, expressed in increasing the rate of utilization of glucose in tissues. Lipotropic effect is also carried out through a system of C-AMP, the final stage which is the enzyme that breaks down neutral fats.

In addition, beta-lipoprotein is formed endorphins. Running in turn leads to increased synthesis and the flow of endorphins into the bloodstream that act on the human body like morphine (without breaking the adequacy of conduct): relieve pain, dramatically improve mood, causing euphoria, and have a strong fat burning effect. 3. Sauna. Any overheating is the strongest way stimulates the sympathetic-adrenal system, forcing out the blood dopamine, noradrenaline and adrenaline. I trained people, there is a greater release of norepinephrine than other neurotransmitters, and he, as we know, is one of the major endogenous ” agents. Short-term cooling (you can jump in the pool after sauna or take a cold shower) also “ask the heat” adrenaline, as will be the strongest stressor for the CNS. However “moriawase” not necessarily for a long period of cooling can inhibit lipolysis and lead are particularly keen to synthesis of the subcutaneous fat

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