Preparation for competitions

Only developed healthy horse can fully participate in competitions. And in order to prepare it, it is necessary to strengthen the body and muscles, paying special attention to the formulation of breathing, lungs and heart.

In the preparation of different types of equestrian sport has its own characteristics, methods and techniques:

the jumps require the strength and calculations, so a lot of time in training is given to the muscles;

mileage – will fail due to ability to move long and briskly i.e. the horse must be strong;

jumping – developed muscles require, hence the composition of the workout focusing on muscle tension.

Work horses before the competition is conducted systematically and includes special classes, and also horses need special maintenance and care. Are certain portions of forage and strict adherence.

The horse in preparation for competition

Exercise is definitely very important. If you break the sequence, and the recommended rules of conduct, not only can not achieve the desired result, but also get a rather unpleasant consequences in the form of injury to the animal and its bad condition.

But most important of all right dosage work, rest and care. Comfortable conditions, and optimal diet and time of feeding a positive impact on the health of the horse and its appearance. It should be noted that the horse, which well contain and properly fed before the competition, never lose weight, no matter what physical activity and exercise. But scarce inferior food and late stay may well bring a horse down.

If the animal is quite the departure, it looks fresh, has shiny hair, smooth body, the horse is gaining weight, she strengthens the body, especially lungs and heart – the organs that are essential for competition.

Now that the horse has evolved is normal physiologically and she had enough supplies to restore your energy after your workouts, it is important to not only pick up a certain amount of feed, but also to monitor how it is digested (absorbed). Therefore, feed the horse in preparation for competition need based on the number of conditions. For the calculation of the daily ration, usually take into account such indicators of an animal, such as growth, degree of stress, appearance, the ability to assimilate food. The horse must be present appetite, i.e., each time she must love to eat food, and to fully digest food. If the food is poorly digested, it is easy to determine.

So what do you do for a good feed digestibility? Follow the diet and feeding. During the period of training of the horse comes with not only hay, and grain. It is given three times a day, of course, equal portions. Hay are given a small armfuls of equal intervals of time, say, 2 hours.

To feed or give water to the horse directly before or after training it is not recommended. Therefore, if the work will start early in the morning, and to give food to an animal is not necessary, and the evening training it is advisable to spend an hour after feeding.

Of course, forage quality should be high to ensure good animal recovery and energy and also contribute to the proper operation of the digestive system.

The care of the horse before the competition

Who have worked hard, ate well, have a good rest! Therefore, it should be remembered that after some training of the horse is necessary to allocate sufficient time to rest.

In the stall the horse is best left without a leash. There must be warm and clean, and the litter of straw should always be fresh. When the horse returned from training, it is necessary to unsaddle.

To normalize the function of the circulatory system of the horse rubbed straw plait. And of course, great attention is paid to the feet. Legs and hooves require special care, daily massage and cleaning. Hooves zamyvayut, massage of feet and joints produced using a straw or special oils.

The composition of the training

The workload in training should increase gradually. If to drive a horse and give her an excessive load, it will start to wither. Especially if to an unbalanced training is added to a poor diet, the horse loses muscle mass and lose weight.

To avoid such consequences, you need to carefully monitor how the horse behaves in training and how she eats. After properly organized training of the animal even more power for games. If load is not enough, the horse will be actively gaining weight and fat.

In General, all the workouts are divided into three main periods: the power load . the development of endurance ( heart and lung ) and practice breathing .

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