Preparation for competitions

How long should I diet to lose weight before a competition or an important event? How do I deal with the constant brutal death?

People always want to get everything in one fell swoop. And diet is no exception. This mentality pushes bodybilders on strict and unbalanced diets that will supposedly relieve them from fat. Is this a reasonable approach? Almost all will say no, but the situation is trickier than it seems. Let’s start with the basics. Usually for weight loss need to decrease calorie intake and do cardio workouts. However, this will lead not only to fat loss

but also muscle. And (most interesting) when you reduce calories, your metabolism slows down, and the feeling of hunger becomes unbearable! This phenomenon is known as “the energy crisis” – the reaction of your body on an artificially created crisis situation, i.e. weight loss. To reduce the number of calories is never fun, but about the best way to do this to the person already knows enough. Here are some studies confirmed observations that contribute even more clarity.


Let’s first deal with hunger, because if any, of paramount importance is given to the food. Fortunately, there are several ways to somehow to take the situation into their own hands. The first way is to accustom your stomach to a certain amount of food. Studies have shown that you will be satisfied and then stop eating when your stomach will receive a specific amount of food. Therefore your diet should be low fat, which is not equal inferior, dominated products with a high content of dietary fiber, and they are: vegetables, fruits, cereals. Do not forget to include in the diet foods high in protein include poultry, meat, cheese. You can increase the amount of food even at the expense of air! For example, a smoothie will do. And of course – water. The more the better. Within reason, of course. The study also found that the more variety of products, the higher the chance to overeat. But this does not mean that you have to eat the same foods day in and day out. Just remember that if your main goal is to reduce the fat content in the body, excessive diversity can backfire. You should never focus on basic food, laying all the delicacies and delights to better times.

Losing some muscle mass is inevitable, if you prepare for something as important as competition bodybuilders. But, definitely, there are ways to minimize it in the first place by controlling the intake of protein. It has been proven that the ratio of carbs-proteins has been a major factor in the loss of muscle mass with a diet aimed at weight decline. In particular, the ratio of 3.5 to 1(68 gr. protein daily) resulted in the same loss pounds, as when the ratio of 1.4 to 1 (125 gr. protein a day). To keep muscle you must eat what they are!

The task becomes more difficult

As for time, it is of paramount importance in weight loss. You must understand that the amount of muscle that you will lose depends on your physical shape and the speed at which you usually lose weight.

Simply put, when you have a high percentage of fat in the body, it will be high on fuel; if you are so slender, the muscles will burn in the first place(with a sharp and significant reduction of consumed calories). Studies have shown that people with a high enough fat content in the body, can reduce your diet per 1000 calories, while losing significantly more fat than muscle. And slender, in turn, in this scenario, losing mostly muscle. But other studies have shown that reducing the number of calories consumed slim people less than 500 is rarely effective.

All this means that if you have a significant percentage of body fat, you can significantly reduce your caloric intake before a competition, but hold the horses, and if you so in an acceptable form. This approach was also found to be effective in recent studies in Norway, during which the athletes followed the programme on reset 0.5-1 kg per week. Those athletes who have complied with the more stringent program and correspondingly dropped the weight faster lost a little muscle mass and about 20% fat. On the other hand, those who are not in a hurry and dropped the weight quite a bit, lost about 30% fat and even increased muscle mass! Conclusion: the earlier you start to prepare for the competition, the better!

Healthier and reliable approach to weight loss

Anyone who has ever ever participated in the competition bodybuilders, seen live examples where it was not worth wasting time on weight loss. Learn from others ‘ mistakes! If approached rationally to their purposes and not rushed from one extreme to another, it would look better and, more important, would feel better (and it is so important, especially before competitions). Here are a few rules that must be met if we don’t want any more regrets, since I decided to lose a few pounds.

Observe approximately the same proportion in the consumption of proteins and carbohydrates, increase your intake of vegetables. About a third of your plate should take protein food, the other aunts – starchy carbohydrates which gives you energy, and the last part – the vegetables will significantly increase the amount and you will quickly become saturated.

Not worth much to get involved in diversity. Eat so that you are not bored with monotonous, but remember that the more options you have, the harder it is to stick to the schedule.

Think about how to break the process of achieving your goal in 2 periods. If you start in the body, in which 10-12% fat, stick to losing 1 kg per week in the first period and 0.5 kg in the second. If you have 15% or more fat in the body, can immediately put the target in the amount of 1.5 kg per week and then gradually lower the bar.

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