Rules of weight loss on a treadmill

If you can’t afford a gym membership, you hate running in the fresh air and to adhere to diets to lose weight on a treadmill – is the best option. The treadmill will take up some space in the house, and it is a pleasure! However, not everyone knows how to properly use this machine. Expert advice will help you to understand.

Do on a treadmill correctly

First you need to note that using a treadmill person not only gets rid of extra pounds, but also strengthens the muscular system, the cardiovascular system. Good load get all the joints, accelerated metabolism in the body, saturated with oxygen, the organs and tissues. Race walk on the track contributes to the normalization of lipid metabolism, thereby cleared the body and reduces the level of harmful cholesterol.

1. To lose weight on a treadmill became effective, determine your optimal heart rate during exercise. It is easy to calculate: 220 first, subtract your age, then you will receive the maximum rate of the pulse. Most of the workout experts recommend spending at 65-85 percent of your maximum heart rate. However, if you have never played sports and are in poor physical shape, you need to minimize the intensity of the load in the first month of classes.

2. Walking on a treadmill refers to the cardio, so there is not so much the intensity of your workout, as much as its length. Exercise at least three times a week for forty minutes or more. Beginners, experts suggest that you first to do a twenty-minute workout, adding five minutes each week. More than an hour to do not recommended, even athletes, because running strongly loads the joints and the spine. The best for weight loss will become of interval running on the track. What does this mean? Throughout the workout you change the speed, then slow down, then speed up the step.

3. All classes always start with a warm up, and get on the treadmill. Workout, warm up the muscles a little shopping. To say how fast you need to run, you can’t even instructors. Each person has a different level of fitness. In addition, the speed of impact and the weight of a person. Let your body get into the rhythm gradually, do not overload the muscles and joints sprint running immediately after the purchase of the simulator. During the class breathe normally and do not shoot down the breath. If it will get off, immediately reduce speed, increasing it only after breathing is restored.

4. On a full stomach to do on the track is not recommended. A couple of hours before workouts, eat something light, preferably carbohydrate food. Perfect porridge and not very sweet fruits, for example oranges and apples. Eaten carbohydrates give a person energy, and during exercise calories burn quickly. After training you can’t just sit at the table. Eat only protein foods that will become the building blocks of muscles. Good fit, lean meat, low-fat cottage cheese, natural yoghurt or chicken breast. You will quickly lose weight through such training, if at the time will limit the consumption of salty, fried and sweet food, include in the diet with the most beneficial drink – herbal tea, fruit drinks, juice and clean water.

5. To cease exercising for a while will have in that case, if you have a fever, injury worries or headache. To run on the track and there are contraindications: angina, exacerbation of chronic illnesses, acute illnesses, heart disease, bronchial asthma.

6. You cannot stand on the canvas, until it started moving. This is the most important rule of training. When you turn on the track, feet must be on the bumpers that helps to protect you from injury, and the engine – from overloads.

7. On the track do not go barefoot. It also can cause serious injuries. Choose to practice or sneakers, or high-quality Jogging sneakers.

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