Sports osteochondrosis training, tips, features


If you had a spine, it is not a death sentence, especially for those who love gymnastics.

Almost always sports in osteochondrosis is relevant, because some patients it is absolutely essential, because it affects their speedy recovery. But some athletes affected by back problems, may even give up the sport, not to harm themselves, as with many who didn’t want to leave the physical

strain experienced some unpleasant things (such as acute form of back pain).

However, circumstances, health, and more insidious than the disobedience of man. The spine is loaded pretty much, if the athlete is engaged in weightlifting, high jump, wrestling and some other sports. Tennis players and golfers who constantly have to stretch the torso and spine, often complain of pain and whining in the back.

However, according to some people, low back pain and sports associated. It is not, because the most active individuals who find it difficult to sit in one place, can choose different sports to their liking. For example, tennis and badminton contribute to the development of flexibility and strength of muscles of the spine, so some patients may be advised by a doctor to be engaged in such sports. (Cm. also: Exercises for the spine osteochondrosis )

Almost always, and for anyone there are those exercise or sport that would be suitable for a specific case. Need to find something that will not harm the spine, but rather will start to develop and strengthen it, to give the body extra energy, etc. For example, a lesson in football and hockey can be dangerous for the spine, because the player is constantly confronted with falls, blows, jerks and not only. Of course, both of these sports differ rabid emotional stress, which also negatively affects the state of the spine.

Exercise and low back pain

The first thing you should pay attention to – back condition, which is very important and useful tilts with the stick in his bosom, various pull-UPS (especially if it is possible, on the bar), as well as exercises to be done lying down, however, they are contraindicated when the hernia and severe degenerative disc disease.

When you have completed favorite exercise, do not forget to stretch the spine, which for him is very important and useful. Often exercise helps sagging to the bar within one minute, or practice on any of the devices to stretch the spine. However, you should be careful and cautious.

If you like to squat and do similar exercises aimed at education of the muscles on the back and stomach, then immediately forget about it, because they can exacerbate the pathology.

A person suffering from degenerative disc disease, is obliged to exclude from a “menu” of those exercises, during which the lower back flexes is very harmful for the patient.

All specialists involved in the treatment of back pain (spine specialists, orthopedists, surgeons and neurologists) will advise their patients to avoid performing those exercises that cause pain. If in the process of physical education there was a little discomfort, then there is nothing to worry, especially for those who started to practice after 20 years, but if there is severe pain, then you need to stop doing the exercise and immediately run to your doctor.

If the doctor after the inspection you said that you can do sports in osteochondrosis, we must not lose the opportunity. Correct, slow, no sudden movements in the process of exercises will make the patient better. In some cases, the doctor may allow the lifting of dumbbells, however, these strength exercises will be available after a certain course of treatment and after about 2-4 months.

To lift the weight can not be more than 20 times (and better on the shoulders). There is then a period of time, the patient’s condition gets better, and if the person is an athlete, he can safely return to his sporting life, but with great care, and, not forgetting that the degenerative disc disease is not finally cured. During the execution of physical culture is very important to listen to your favorite back. To doctors often refer patients idlers, who initially perform certain exercises, and then, feeling relieved, throw them. So it is impossible to do because of the pain starting again to attack the spine.

Beautiful body, low back pain and sports tips

Absolutely anyone can afford to exercise to make your body more beautiful, because osteochondrosis of the neck is not a sentence, but only a sign and signal of the spine that his master led or is leading unhealthy lifestyle.

Cervical osteochondrosis and sport compatible when the patient with small ailments immediately went to the doctor. Such patients doctors advise physical culture.

However, if the patient has the acute form of the disease, severe pain, and he can’t move, then have to just lie down. By the way, runners will be happy that their favorite sport is not contraindicated, but recommended (in particular, we are talking about running with Jogging).

Most importantly, the ground was soft and the air is clean: if you have the opportunity to run in the Park, it’s even better.

Winter allowable skiing, in summer – swimming, in good weather bicycling. All this improves the mood, adds energy, vitality, revitalizes the spine and adds to the body of beauty (if the degenerative disc disease mild form).

Are there any contraindications?

If you look at bungee jumping, you can see the process of jumping, which can be compared with the person who leaves the ground and touches it again. A patient with worn-out and too bad back will react to such a test is quite painful. Therefore, the sport with cervical osteochondrosis needs to be some compromise, everyone will have to find an alternative to active sports. For example, runners can replace his passion for sports walking. Therefore, you should consult a doctor who will examine the hip and ankle joints, the spine and not only to identify the extent and shape of your degenerative disc disease. Only after the diagnosis the doctor and his patient will understand whether a second run or not. (Cm. also: the spine osteochondrosis )

Of course, any athlete or active person interested in the question of whether to exercise, if he suffers from back pain, the answer is simple – Yes. However, pereuserdstvovat not appropriate, the movements in the sport have to be careful, slow, caring about the condition of the back and joints.

All those tips and rules that have been listed by the attending doctor, should be observed. As for workouts, they all must begin with certain exercises and workouts neck, hands, feet, etc. it is very important to warm up your muscles, because if you just start “jump and skip” after casavola seat in front of the computer, it will lead to sad results. Also for the muscles and heart is very important to have a slow walk and a deep breath after he finished the training session (within 2-3 minutes). It normalizes breathing and a good massage will relax your whole body.

How do sports with osteochondrosis, write a lot and often. Basically you can engage in such “non-traditional” sport like yoga, which thoroughly loosens everything from the brain to the bones.

There is a desire? Move!

In the end, it turns out that to get in shape in osteochondrosis, the most important thing – desire. Sports osteochondrosis depend on the disease severity of the patient’s spine. If the disease is acute, we need to first recover, and then return to training, but a slight low back pain involves a traffic light, for example, stretching every half an hour (if you sit at the table for a long time).

Very important to have regular exercise as a passive way of life will destroy the spine. That is why, even if you are not an athlete, you still need to perform at least simple exercises. Better to wait with exercises and other physical activities while the doctor doesn’t cure pain. It is very important in the process of sports activities to keep the correct posture that is most comfortable for neck and spine. Osteochondrosis is a chronic disease, so it is very important to maintain a stable condition and to prevent exacerbations.

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