Swimming in a pool for use for the spine and figures

Water – the ancestor of all living things. One theory is that people came out of the ocean. Perhaps this is why swimming is so much fun. People regularly attending the pool always looks fit, cheerful and energetic. This is due to the beneficial influence of life-giving water. Experts have already proven the benefits of swimming in the pool. What exactly does this mean?

Swimming in the pool. Use for shape and slimming

Water treatments are considered an integral part of the silhouette correction. The fact that the density of water is much greater than the air. Therefore, you have to make much more effort to perform the simplest movement. Muscles are active, calories burned intensely. In addition, water has a massaging effect on the whole body. Such exposure makes up the stomach and legs.

Men water treatments will help to shape a beautiful silhouette with broad shoulders and narrow hips. It will not gain a lot of muscle mass, as when doing in the gym. Women should not be afraid of the appearance of male traits in their figure, because genetically programmed, ladies narrow shoulders. To expand, you will need a significant load, as professional athletes.

Swimming in the pool. Use for back and spine

Water is denser than air and provides good body support. Therefore reduces the load on the joints and spine. In the pool they seem to “straighten out”. The intervertebral discs are unloaded and is in the correct position. Through swimming, you can get rid of many problems with posture, cure scoliosis. To recover from injuries is also used in the swimming pool. Use these lessons have long known sports physicians.

Also when swimming very actively working the back muscles. They become stronger, tougher. Muscle also allows you to unload the spine, because takes the burden on himself. Those people who have a sedentary job, just swimming in the pool. The benefits for the spine is more than reward for all the efforts.

Impact on circulatory system

After water procedures reduced pressure and heart rate. And this is the prevention of cardiovascular diseases. Regular piznarski increases the endurance of the heart and normalizes heart rhythm. Also, the massaging effect of the water a beneficial effect on blood vessels, making them more elastic. Thus, swimming – an effective tool in the fight against varicose veins.

Respiratory load

While swimming is often necessary to hold the breath. However, he is forced to work more actively with light. Breath becomes deep. The swimmer uses the entire area of the lung that allows you to oxygenate the body. As a result, and in ordinary life, a man accustomed to make better use of the breath. Thanks to regular training, the body becomes resistant to hypoxia.

What else can a swimming pool

The nervous system is also beneficial swimming in the pool. Use is the following. Water calms the person. This effect is achieved due to complex effects on the body. It’s nice and easy noise, splash, and massage, and unloading of all joints, and physical activity. Therefore, after swimming the person is relaxed. Often to cure insomnia are advised to visit the pool. Due to this effect on the nervous system, people begin to feel much more energetic, increased alertness, ability to concentrate, improves the overall emotional background.

As you know, swimming – a great way of hardening. The body is regularly exposed to low temperatures, since the water in the pool is always cool. It makes actively move and disperse the blood. Also the body is forced to adapt to extremes of temperature and humidity levels. People regularly attending the pool, rarely suffer colds and practically not affected by weather conditions, colds.

Beneficial effect on children

All babies and adolescents it is recommended that swimming in the pool. Benefits for children will be enormous. Thanks to regular training the baby will grow healthy and strong. The water has healing and tempering effect, so the child will not get sick. Thanks to swimming all mental processes back to normal. Parents of hyperactive children should think about swimming in the pool. Benefit for Chad will be twofold: improvement and an opportunity to get rid of excess energy.

Water has a massaging effect and relieves tension and fatigue, which is very important for students. After bathing, they will feel refreshed and strong healthy sleep is guaranteed. In school the child will be easier to focus on the lesson and find it easier to learn new material, because he will have the strength to do it.

Great benefits of swimming in the pool and for General physical development of children. Their movements are more coordinated, muscles – sturdy and strong, the body – hardy. Another bonus that gives swimming – perfect posture and a healthy back, which is especially important for today’s children, most of which has scoliosis.

How to swim to get the maximum benefit

To positive effect, you need to consider many features. First, we should define the frequency of water treatment, their orientation. When choosing the style of swimming you should remember that:

In the presence of pain and discomfort in the spine is not recommended to swim butterfly. The fact that this is one of the most complex methods of navigation. The body performs active and sharp movements. Unprepared or injured back can not cope with the resulting stress and sudden jerks and jumping out of the water can aggravate the situation.

However, if the back is healthy, and people want to lose weight, should pay attention to the butterfly. This is the most energy intensive swimming style, under which the maximum muscle. In the butterfly, you must perform vigorous strokes by hand, push the legs, the back makes a wavelike motion, the body is “jumping” up and down. As a result everything worked out muscle groups.

If you have problems with posture and back it is best to swim breaststroke. This method minimizes the load on the spine, all the movements are performed smoothly. Well helps in the correction of scoliosis.

It is also useful to float on his back. The spine in this position straightens up and rests. This style and it strengthens the entire body.

The crawl can be used in combination with any of the selected styles of swimming.


In some cases prohibited from swimming in the pool. Use can become harmful, if a person has any of the following diseases:

ARI or ARI in the acute stage.

A congenital heart defect.

Epilepsy or other diseases that cause seizures.

Any allergic reactions on the skin.



Any skin diseases.

Rules of conduct in the pool and after

After bathing you need to take a shower with hygiene products. They will wash away the chlorine, which decontaminate the water in the pool, and softens the skin.

You should always wear a swimming cap and goggles – this will avoid ingress of chlorine on hair and the eyes.

Go out only with well dried up head. This will avoid colds, migraines, etc.

In the pool taken right-hand traffic. Following this rule will allow to avoid collisions.

If a person just learning to swim, it is better not to swim too deep.

In the shower and the pool is always wet and slippery floors, so no need to make any sudden movements, or you can fall.

For diving there is a special place.

You can not swim immediately after eating, you need to wait 2 hours. After bathing useful warm drinks: tea, cocoa, herbal infusions. They are well warm.

Many impressive healing effect, which makes swimming in the pool. Use (reviews of water fans are the best proof) from such studies is undeniable. People emphasize that began to feel much better, more energetic, there was energy, improved mood.

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