The power for the night

Until recently it was thought that a dream is the fertile period of recuperation after a day’s work. Alas, it turns out that it is not so. For those who want to gain weight, sleep at night is the enemy number one. It seriously slows down muscle growth, because in spite of your efforts, the body adjusts to the catabolic way.

It would seem that everything has to happen exactly the opposite: to break

down muscle tissue needs during the day, during the training, and to grow at night when the muscles are resting. In fact, the night of “rest” turns into a collapse of all bodybuilding hopes. In the morning you actually take in bodybuilding start again because the whole of the previous 24-hour cycle went down the drain. Night anabolic hormones did not receive any handicap.

Think for yourself, the day you carefully follow the diet, avoiding interruptions longer than 3 hours, and then give myself some night “hunger strike” for 8-12 hours from dinner to Breakfast! You train until you drop, spend money on expensive supplements, all of to night the liver is transferred your body is in catabolic “rails”. Agree, this is complete madness. Yet this is exactly what happens to millions of ordinary colorista-lovers around the world.

Muscles grow and disrupt hormones. According to the functions of the hormones are divided into anabolic and catabolic. Our hormonal system secretes one, then the other following the example of the pendulum.

Let me explain, catabolism is the breakdown of muscle tissue. Muscle growth is called anabolism. Both of these processes in the adult balanced. Due to this our body and maintains a constant weight. You, the bodybuilder, are committed to trying to shift the natural balance towards anabolism.

The confrontation between anabolic and catabolic processes in your body flows around the clock. It is not interrupted for a minute, including at night when you sleep. With that amendment, that during sleep always prevail catabolic forces.

This situation is caused genetically. Over millions of years life has taught our ancestors in every possible way to limit the size of their body and therefore the need for food. Millennium cruel struggle for existence forced the human body to produce a powerful hormonal system, successfully preventing the “enlargement” of the body.

Night’s sleep plays in limiting our dimensions main role. When we sleep, we find ourselves at the bottom of a deep catabolic “pit”. The causes of this phenomenon have long been a scientific mystery, and only recently scientists have discovered the main “culprit” – it was them. glycogen the liver.

Glycogen is stored in liver blood sugar, or glucose. Glucose is the only food the brain. Glucose deficiency poses a direct threat to life. That’s why the body does not allow lowering the amount of glycogen below a critical threshold. Once the liver indicates that the threshold is reached, activates the defense mechanism of extracting energy from muscle tissue, simply put, its “burnout” instead of glycogen. The amount of glycogen whenever dangerous drops 3-4 hours after a heavy meal. It is exactly this schedule meets the secretion of catabolic hormones.

In theory, the human liver is able to accumulate over 100 grams of glycogen. As a critical the body considers the natural depletion of about 15-20 grams of glycogen and immediately begins to secrete hormones-catabolic.

At rest, the body extracts from the liver of approximately 5 grams of glycogen per hour. During workout – a lot more.

All of this for bodybuilders should be several fundamental conclusions:

First: exhausting vysokointensivnymi training always results in release of hormones, “perezhivajuwih” muscles. The body no matter what you are engaged in a useful sport and want to gain muscle. The mechanism of “stupid” is triggered, regardless of the circumstances.

Second: it is always worse pitching with experience. Their bodies learned to store glycogen in the muscles (besides the liver) and liver glycogen to recover especially difficult since eaten them carbs the first step is going to replenish the glycogen stores in the muscles. So after training they can download in a heap of food, but still remain in a catabolic mode.

In addition, the enormous weight means rapid consumption of glycogen, and this means that any tough workout should be extremely short. Or it should be divided into morning and evening sessions are not longer than half an hour. The rate of replenishment of glycogen is approximately equal to the rate of consumption alone. It turns out that the refund spent 15-25 grams will last for 3-5 hours. Add to this the inevitable daily energy consumption for the movement, processes of life, mental stress, and it will become clear that in less than 6 hours again to come into the gym impossible.

And finally, the third conclusion: during the night not to sleep, but there is (well of course with a certain irony).

In terms of sleep glycogen is spent slower than in the period of wakefulness. However, usually by 4 am, the decrease in the level of glycogen in the liver reaches a critical level, followed by the secretion of catabolic hormones. And you had hoped that your muscles over night considerably older! In fact, the amino acids required for “repair” and the increment of muscle tissue, ruthlessly transformed into glucose for nourishment of the brain, nervous and immune systems. Muscle growth is sharply slowing down, especially in “laboursaving”.

There is only one solution: you need to snack at night – about an hour or two a night, preventing a drop in the level of glycogen in the liver below the critical point, at which the body begins to “burn through” the muscles.

Today all professionals especially waking in the night, who once, and who more and arrange a real feast of protein shakes, tuna, chicken with rice, etc. In the end, all night their body spends in anabolic mode.

How and what to feed the liver:

Glycogen is the same glucose, only in a different form. The difference between glucose and glycogen is not greater than that between water and ice. The glycogen stores in the liver are replenished in the last turn. This means that the excess load of carbs after a workout is not enough. Anyway, first carbohydrates will leave you in the muscles and then to the liver. It would seem, will accelerate the accumulation of glycogen pure glucose from the pharmacy in the form of powder or tablets. However, the experiments showed that pereleshina” blood glucose does not accelerate the pace of “bookmarks” of glycogen. In this sense, modern carbohydrate “energy” will have little value. Meanwhile, scientists have found some substances which directly accelerate the deposition of glycogen. These include lactates, pyruvates and amino acids – alanine and glutamine. As for carbohydrates, the best raw material for the glycogen of the liver is not glucose, and fructose. If during the post-exercise rest take a mixture of fructose and the above components, the accumulation of glycogen in the liver, in comparison with natural pace, speeds up to 6 times! Practice recommend a day of rest and at night hard to take casein. It is digested slowly and provides a steady level of glutamine and alanine in the blood. For a couple with carbohydrates these amino acids will help to accelerate the deposition of glycogen.

Examples of the night’s menu:

Protein shake (casein-based protein) from 20-40 grams of protein and the same amount of carbohydrates, with the addition of chopped fruit. Depending on your weight, metabolism and daily energy consumption you can increase the calorie content of the drink due to the additional carbs.

200 g cottage cheese with the addition of yogurt (mainly for taste). This “dish” is necessary to prepare in advance and put in the refrigerator before going to sleep.

Protein-uglevodno tile

The branched chain amino acids (BCAA) powder or capsules (3-4 grams) with a glass of orange juice or milk; you can add a couple grams of creatine.

A sandwich of wholemeal bread and boiled chicken.

Oatmeal with protein powder-neutral flavour (40 grams).

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