The program of training with dumbbells at home

We all want to have a slim and toned body. But how to see those cherished cubes, shredded, if it is not possible to do in the gym? Actually, you can tweak the shape to the program of training with dumbbells at home, but it will be difficult. Let me explain why. Our body gets used to physical activity. And over time the muscles will no longer respond to the same load. And since we only have dumbbells, it is possible to come up with a lot of different exercises we couldn’t do it. To this case you can connect a workout on the street, for example, on the horizontal bar and parallel bars, cardio exercise in the form of running or riding a bike will also be very


If you have only small dumbbells, it is possible to build muscle they just will not help, because to build new muscle tissue need a large load, and therefore large weight. But if you are the proud owner of heavy dumbbells, and ideally collapsible, it is possible to get your body in order will help our simple training program to practice at home with dumbbells.

There are a few basic rules, which strictly need to adhere to for best results:

Progression of loads. As we have said, our muscles get used to the monotonous load. Therefore they need to impress more and more weights. If you feel that you can take more weight, subject to perfect their technique and range of 12-15 reps, then you can safely increase the weight of the projectile, but just a little, otherwise the technique may deteriorate, and that we do not need.

Don’t need to train to failure. Perform each approach with confidence. If you feel that you can no longer perform your approach, you should stop running. No need to “split hairs” with the weight of the load applied. Remember the main thing: the perfect technique.

Rest. You should get enough rest to let your body recover. Need to sleep for about 8 hours, at least 6!

A proper diet. This is the most important in building a beautiful body. If after the regular classes from the program of training with dumbbells at home you go to pig out at McDonalds, you won’t get the press and relief of the muscles. You can see the oily side and flabby body. Harsh, but honest. Don’t stick to these ridiculous diets, for example, “cucumber diet” or “kefir diet” – all this nonsense. Perhaps you lose weight, but you will only drain your body and make it healthier.

An example of an exercise program for home

Here is a sample training program to practice with dumbbells at home. You will deal 3 times a week, i.e. every other day. This program is suitable for girls. Cardio exercise should be done either in the morning or in the evening after weight training. Don’t forget to warm up!

1 day

Squats with dumbbells 3×12;

Dumbbell bench press 3×12 lying;

Deadlift with dumbbells 3×12;

Lifting dumbbells for biceps 3×12;

Bench press dumbbell behind my head 3×12;


Day 2

Lunges with dumbbells 3×12;

Pull the dumbbell in the slope 3×12;

Dumbbell bench press 3×12 seated;

Srage with dumbbells 3×12;

Lifting on socks with dumbbells 3×12;

Day 3

Lifting on the bench with dumbbells 3×12;

Breeding dumbbells 3×12 lying;

Pullups 3×12;

Lifting dumbbells for biceps 3×12;

French dumbbell bench press 3×12 lying;


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