Therapeutic exercises for the spine

Currently therapeutic exercises for the spine and back muscles is necessary for all people. Regardless of age and gender more than 85% of the population suffer from various pathological disorders and diseases of the spine, it definitely affects the quality of life and health of a person.

Given the current pace of life the human body, many people exercises for the spine, even with the absence of any signs of the disease, relieves muscle tension and compensates for inactivity, which means that only leads

to health outcomes .


Especially important exercises for children, because, by doing so, the child eventually get used to physical activity, which subsequently protect the baby from back problems, and also supports a healthy body overall.

Types of aerobics

There is ample gymnastics complexes, and each has its direction – some help to fight certain diseases (osteochondrosis, intervertebral hernia, and so forth), others are aimed at preventing or overall development of the organism. Currently thirty typesof therapeutic exercises can be divided into three groups, which have long been recognized by the world community effective :

The first group includes elements of dance. This is the step aerobics, aerobics, rhythmic gymnastics, as well as other species involving the use of dance elements of any style (disco gymnastics, modern gymnastics or jazz gymnastics). Especially popular these Wellness programs are the weaker sex;

The second group of exercises aimed at the development of the functions of the human body or specific body parts. These include shaping, fitness, athletic gymnastics, stretching, callanetics, numerous cosmetic and respiratory gymnastics. It should be emphasized that health exercises for the spine in its narrow direction are also referred to this group as any other specialized medical gymnastics;

The third group is the kinds of gymnastic exercises of a different nature, based on the popular Eastern teachings. Have a special philosophy where the body is improved in conjunction with spiritual growth. The success achieved in the regular performance of special gymnastic exercises. This group includes species such as yoga, Chinese health gymnastics, qigong, Wushu, tactician, and so on.

Given this diversity, it is hard to make a choice without the help of experts. Indeed, in the case of the disease (

herniation of the spine) or the rehabilitation of the body after surgery surgeon, incorrect performance of certain types of exercises, and a selection of these exercises, can cause serious harm to the human body .

The need to perform exercises for the spine

The main reason to perform gymnastic exercises in an adult – hypodynamia, the dangers of which he knows practically every patient. However, given the frenzied pace of life, to perform even the most basic exercises is usually not enough time.

Here you can talk about the dual situation, i.e. on one side during the day, people are in constant motion, therefore, the reaction on the diagnosis hypodynamia will only cause resentment. On the other hand, the man sits motionless in the workplace, at the computer, and crossed the threshold of the house, lie down to rest after a hard day, respectively on exercises for healing the spine is not strong enough and already there is no desire.

Actually, the only lists basic problems that may cause pathological changes in the spine . Those who are in constant motion, the spine during the day is shortened to two inches, causing compression of the nerve roots and symptoms of protrusions, and sometimes intervertebral hernia.

The second group of patients, there is no less serious harm to the spine. People rarely give importance to the proper organization of the workplace, that is, watch the posture. As a result, the tone of the muscles surrounding the spine weakens the vertebral discs begin to move in relation to each other.

Blood circulation and eventually pathological changes occur in the spine.

In both cases, physiotherapy rehabilitation of the back is necessary, especially when the symptoms of the disease. The selected methodology is discussed with an orthopedist or neurologist.

The choice of the technique practice

In the modern world of medicine, so many different techniques that can effectively solve the problems associated with his back. When choosing exercises, you need to know exactly what poses and stretching to use, that is, to have all the information about the condition of the spine.

The main criterion for pursuing therapeutic exercises :

Prevention (prevention) possible irregularities (scoliosis, osteochondrosis, etc.);

The slowdown of pathological abnormalities in the back.

It should be emphasized, for many diseases of the spine and surrounding organs that are relevant – invalid load. Therefore, performing a seemingly simple exercises at home, there is a risk to not only cope with the disease, but cause various complications.

However, proper regular exercise, is a Wellness method is able to achieve a positive result in the treatment of disease or restoration of disorders of the spine, thanks for gymnastics:

Improving the health of the body;

Improves posture;

Decreases in pain intensity;

Strengthens joints and muscles;

The spine increases flexibility, stamina, resistance to stress;

Increases the strength of the bone tissue;

Increased mood.

What is not recommended

Special attention is paid to the established prohibitions, which include exercises for the spine. If you want to be loaded lumbar or thoracic departments, then the set of exercises there are no sharp turns and slopes. However, there are diseases of the spine, which allow the execution of tilting in a certain direction, e.g., forward.

No less serious approach is required and in the cervical spine, where the coronary artery. Performing separate exercises, a person can dramatically increase the pressure popping dizziness, and sometimes even a stroke . In this regard, eliminate sudden movements and head rotation.

Not in gymnastics to use the complex, which provided a large number of complex movements. To treat the spine is possible only if all classes are run regularly, and provides exercises that are gradually moving from simple to complex option. If to expose the spine to serious physical exertion, there is a real danger of increasing pain and fatigue.

Exercises for the spine

To perform gymnastic exercises, you need to remember three basic rules :

It is impossible to make a sudden effort to ossified place;

You cannot perform an exercise with maximum amplitudes of motion;

Exercises are performed with the comparison of the load to physical capabilities.

For cervical

This complex is performed to treat chronic pain in the cervical spine, in between work. Perform each exercise five to ten times, focusing on the pain .

Head turning from right to left and Vice versa;

Head descends. Try the chin to get the sternum;

Supercilium head back;

Raise your shoulders and hold this position for up to 15 seconds.


This complex is for the treatment of acute and chronic back pain, improve mobility of the thoracic vertebrae and functions of respiration. Each exercise is performed three to four times .

Sitting on a chair, hands should be positioned at the back of the head. We take a deep breath and bend back. Back pressed against the back of the chair, then do a forward bend, exhale;

Lying on the floor, placed his hands behind his head. Under the back stacked cushion (for example, rolled up towel). Bend and raise your upper body;

Sitting on a chair, you need to wrap your chest with a towel. We take a deep breath, and then exhale, and at this point subtended by the ends of the towel. After weakening, and do breath again;

Standing with arms raised above the head. Feet set at shoulder level. Clasping the right wrist with your left hand, make tilt left, extending arm. The same exercise is repeated in the other direction.

For lumbar

A set of exercises designed to treat lumbar sacral spine. Regular practice strengthens the muscles of the lumbar region, peritoneum, improves the flexibility and functionality of the spine. The exercise is repeated ten to fifteen times .

Lie on your back, your arms are along the body. Tense the muscles of the peritoneum, and then relax them;

Lying on my back. Get off your upper body, while not severing the feet from the floor;

Lie on your back, your arms are along the body. Flexing the lumbar, and without lifting the shoulder blades off the floor, put feet to start right and then left;

Lie on your back with your legs bent at the knees. Pulling his left hand forward, put on the right knee. Repeat with the other naked;

Standing on all fours, prohiben back right and then left;

To perform this exercise requires a pull-up bar. Hung on, rotate the body from side to side;

Lie on your stomach, legs extended, arms are along the body. Raise the leg and hold the weight for ten seconds. Repeat the exercise with the other leg.

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