You decided to go Jogging, but you have no way to give this enough time? Or weather conditions interfering with your training regime? A treadmill is a great alternative to training and running outdoors. Purchasing a treadmill, you will get the opportunity to train at any time convenient for you, in any weather and as much time as allows your health and your schedule.

Running is one of the safest and most accessible sports that require you only to your desire to engage. While running actively working all the

muscles are activated internal organs, distinguished salt and waste products, trains the cardiovascular system, improves blood circulation, speeds up metabolism, burns fat and reduces weight. With regular practice one becomes active and motivated. Running is a great way to get rid of depression and negative thoughts. During training run produces the hormone of happiness – “natural drug” serotonin, which reduces stress and improves mood.

If you decide to buy a treadmill for Jogging, the first thing you need to look for when choosing a trainer, it is a manufacturer. Online store Winner-oxygen offers a wide variety of cardiovascular equipment from manufacturers that can meet the demands of any user.

All treadmills are divided into two types: manual treadmills and electric treadmills.

In the first case, a treadmill does not require electricity. Load during exercise varies with the magnetic effects on the flywheel of the machine and the fabric moves through the efforts of the man himself. When using this type of treadmill workout results depend on the physical training of the user and training time, as the speed of the blade treadmill depends on the trainee and his stamina.

In the second case, the belt is driven by an electric motor, and the intensity of training and the duration is controlled by “on-Board” computer, which is equipped with all the modern machines of this type.

When choosing a treadmill will determine the main criteria.

1. Type treadmill. Motorized treadmill, of course, concede on price electrical, but they are not as comfortable as electric.

2. The intensity of the load and functionality of the treadmill. If you have opted for electric treadmill, please pay attention to the software in the simulator. Decide what modes of training you need in the first place. Rehabilitation, maintenance of tone, fat burn, aerobic, speed or other.

3. The type and size of the walking belt. The comfort and safety of your workout depends on the system of depreciation of the canvas and its size. Length not less than 120 cm and the width not less than 43 see the Canvas should not be slippery with minimal negative impact on the joints during exercise. Training intensity also depends on the angle of inclination. To fully simulate a cross-country run the angle should vary from 0 to 12°.

4. Security. The stop button and the emergency stop key to instantly stop the walking belt and protective mechanism against children.

Of course, this is not a complete list, because in modern treadmills there are many additional options and features. For example, the presence of heart rate sensors and programs that support heart rate within certain limits during the entire exercise, the internal display with the ability to connect to your DVD player and other features.

Please contact us and we will help You make the right choice!

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