Treadmills products which vendor to choose

Treadmill — one of the best exercise equipment to lose weight and improve overall health.

Regular training on this simulator allow you to maintain excellent physical shape, have a positive effect on the functioning of the cardiovascular system, develop the muscles of the back and legs.

The main advantage of the treadmill — it does not occupy too much space in the house that gives you the ability to run at any convenient time, developing its own training program.

There are two main types of treadmills:



Mechanical treadmills create a feeling of natural running. People running, the blade is spinning when it stops, the tape does the same. These trainers are lightweight and perfect for home use.

In modern gyms use electric models. Here you can set your exercise program. The display of trainers shows pulse, speed, time of running, calories burned athlete, etc.

Best treadmills for home: manufacturers ranking

What companies produce the best track? How to choose a quality product? If You want to buy a treadmill for home use, we recommend You to pay attention to manufacturers such as:

Oxygen Simulators this German company are great for home use. Their reliability and stylish design will allow You to get pleasure from sports, and with the ability to transform simulators You can save space in the room.

Horizon Treadmills of this company is equipped with a convenient control system. Most models are equipped with LCD displays, which display information about the changes of heart rate and lost calories. Also, these simulators can be equipped with speakers for listening to music and holders for water bottles.

Hasttings These treadmills are easy to fold and move, which is important for home models. They are manufactured in compliance with international quality standards, comfortable to use and have a unique design.

Spirit Household Fitness treadmills of this manufacturer are virtually identical from a professional. They are productive and functional. All models include control keys that allow you to adjust the speed of the track, run mode, check your pulse and make other manipulations comfortable for sports.

Vision Treadmills can be attributed to the class “luxury” among pet simulators. They are manufactured using innovative technologies from environmentally friendly materials. Modern design, wide range of models, ergonomics, the efficient set of programs aimed at getting rid of extra pounds and improve cardiovascular system — here is a set of qualities possessed by the trainers Vision Fitness, what they valued consumers.

Choose a trainer that suits You in all respects, and have fun running your own home! We wish You victories!

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