Triathlon in Belarus

Useful advice to fans of running

Start your run with Jogging at a slow pace, gradually accelerating. Of course, if your goal is not to overcome a certain distance in the shortest possible time.

Beginners often make too many unnecessary movements that only tire the body and contribute to a more rapid onset of fatigue. Slightly tilt the body forward while running, this way you will shift the center of gravity and will cease to make any unnecessary movements.

Do not bounce up and down while running.

Feet should touch the ground gently, do not bump your heels on the ground, it’s dangerous for the joints.

Remember that the feet should not stay too long on earth. This is not walking, but running. Try to quickly get his feet off the ground.

Breathe strictly through the nose. If you start to breathe through the mouth, a sure sign that you’re running too fast and the body is lacking oxygen. But if the face distorted grimace of tension, it’s time to take a break, or even stop the training.

Do not miss a scheduled workout, otherwise progress will be extremely slow.

After your run drink a glass of clean water (can be more) at room temperature in order to compensate for the water loss that occurred during the run.

After planned trekked the distance, don’t stop, go on walking, the heart rate returned to normal.

If you’ve run not engaged, then get ready for what the next day after training starts hurting muscles. The pain can last up to three days while your muscles will not be released lactic acid. If you are seriously ill Shin, don’t worry, it’s just a sign of weak calf muscles. With time the muscles will become stronger and no longer hurt. Continue training, no matter what. As they say, “no retreat, no surrender”!

Keep in mind that to progress you will be only as a result of systematic practice and constant slow increase in load. Use your senses, increasing the intensity of your workouts.

A stabbing pain in his right side while running.

Hepatic pain syndrome or simply, flank pain on the right side behind the lower ribs is probably familiar to every lover of running. All of us at least once in his life felt this extremely unpleasant sensation that prevent to continue running, although the power is still there. Pain in the right hypochondrium may be a symptom of gall bladder or liver. But most often the cause is quite different.

If during the run you are breathing is often shallow, disrupted the operation of the diaphragm, the blood begins to stagnate in the liver and, as a result, there is some stretching of the hepatic capsule, which is accompanied by cramps in his right side.

To avoid this, before you run be sure to do a warm-up. Need to escape in your own pace, and not to the limit. To belly breathe better, take deep breaths. The body should be vertical, as good posture is necessary for proper deep breathing.

There is one little known, but extremely effective way to get rid of pain appeared in his right side. Inhale, and then exhale, with a force overcoming the resistance of the tightly compressed lips. Continue to breathe this way until the disappearance of colic. You’ll see, the pain will go away pretty quickly.

How to breathe while running?

With the growth of the training experience of every lover of running produces an individual that best suits his breathing technique. Each runner decides for himself, as it is more comfortable to breathe through the mouth, through the nose or with a combination of oral and nasal breathing. The vast majority of people believes that the best oxygenation of the body it is breathing through the mouth.

You should breathe easy, stress-free and breath to do more deep. Best while Jogging to apply the so-called abdominal breathing. To be familiar and comfortable with this type of breathing. It takes some practice. The fact that we are all used to taking shallow breaths, filling the air with only the apex of the lung. That to us is enough, because for the most part, our livelihoods do not require large amounts of oxygen. However, with increased physical activity, normal type of breathing will only cause oxygen starvation.

So, proceed with development of abdominal breathing. Lie on the floor on your back and place your palms on your stomach. Take slow deep breaths, bulging stomach, and observe how moving your hands on your stomach. Slowly exhale, gently pulling the belly in. At first you will have to consciously control the breath while Jogging, but over time the abdominal breathing will become a habit.

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