Walking for weight loss.

To go = to lose weight!

We, with all of the comments should state that for the vast majority of us running, not the best view thinning down load.

At least for the start of classes. Running for an untrained person almost always turns out to be a very traumatic experience.

Shortness of breath and palpitations during exercise, minor sprains and ruptures of muscle and tendon fibers, injuries of joints, prolonged muscle pain after exercise, all these troubles are very often encouraged people to

term to stop training.

The best for us type of load, this so-called healthy walk!

Here are its advantages:

Walking, is a physiologic load. This is the set of movements that are most often used by people for travel. More often than running, or swimming. The body sees the walk as perfectly normal, and not as some kind of extraordinary stress.

The walk is serviced mainly by the energy released from fissile fat. We can say that to walk and lose weight, synonymous concepts. While running and other intense loads primarily carbohydratesare consumed.

In the act of walking involves most of the muscles of our body, because in addition to movements with the legs is necessary to maintain balance of the body, so it is necessary to include the muscles of the trunk and muscles of the upper limbs.

The pace of the walk is easily dispensed. Feel I took too great a pace, some time to walk a little slower. To pace your run much more difficult.

Even if you can’t live without breathlessness’t run a hundred meters, you will easily pass and two and three kilometers. For a start that’s needed.

Another important advantage. Someone who’s not as noteworthy as the people running. Many people are embarrassed to run. If they are to engage in recreational walking, they will just make an impression of hurrying people. No more.

Here’s how it looks almost

Do it again. Are you setting yourself distance. These can be paths in the Park, running track at the stadium or on the sidewalk is not very noisy and crowded street. Find out about the distance. If it is a stadium, then the length of the running track is 400 meters. The length of the distance on the street you can try on the car’s speedometer.

Do the two. You comfortable shoes, better light, and sports apparel. You hit the road. Tight shoes, even if during normal walking it is not traumatic for you, when you walk at the right pace, can quickly fill you corn.

Do three. You are on the move. Breathing was regular, free. The burst of energy as heat, enhance the mood, the feeling of cheerfulness appear already in the second or third minute. The optimal walking speed for about 10-15 percent more than usual. I mean, usually if you go at a speed of 5 km per hour, there is need to go a little faster, at five kilometers an hour and a half to six.

Class length may vary from 20 – 30 minutes to an hour, periodicity of about 5-7 workouts a week. If you like, you can and more. If you don’t have time for a long workout, do not worry. There are scientific data that indicate the effectiveness of training is not reduced if it continues for 30 minutes at a time, for 10-12 minutes, three times a day. It is very valuable, small at first glance, the load, as a ten-minute walk on the way to work, or from work, or during lunch break.

To start, of course, with easy walks for 15-20 minutes . held at a feasible pace and then gradually increase the duration and pace.

The greater the level of fitness increase in the intensity of the classes can provide an increase in the pace of walking, walking on rough terrain, Jogging-walking, and very competitive, even leisurely Jogging.

Must say that in my work physician pohudela the most difficult thing is to encourage a person to at least try once or twice so walk. Too deeply into our consciousness ingrained the idea that we are lazy, sedentary, and that to lose weight you need to run, and in pleasant small loads no no good.

But the vast majority of those who try, further, in one form or another include these loads in my life. Too obvious resulting advantages – good mood, increased efficiency, ease, success and so on. And I strongly advise you to include these loads not so much in order to lose weight, how to get all these separate bonuses. Then the motor activity will remain in your life forever. Will improve your health, prolong life, and as a bonus, help you maintain your normal weight.

So, walking in the pace of 10-15 percent faster than usual, lasting 30-40 minutes a day! Beautiful, physiological load. Condition is easily controlled, overdose this load is almost impossible.

Other options a GOOD load for weight loss

Have loads of one unpleasant feature. Just like food, they tend to “wear off”. And after some time you already too lazy to do the exercises that you previously seemed like a nice person. Bail can only alternating loads. Therefore, the best thing for you, if your motor mode will be the most diverse. Here are a few types of loads that may be useful to us.

Aerobics classes in sections

Overall, not bad, but there is a downside. Since it is practically impossible to find the whole group of participants with the same degree of fitness, the recommendation of the coach for some, will be excessive, while others lack. Therefore, it is optimal to follow an individual programme, focusing on the sensations coming from the body.

It is possible that the lesson will be useful as a teaching. You will learn the correct exercises and methods of self-control. And then you continue the classes themselves.

Cycling and skiing

The pace and intensity of the load is the same as in the Wellness walk. Her breathing was regular, sufficient. No uncomfortable sensations. In any case you should not bring themselves to fatigue

Classes dance aerobics at home

If you possess the principles of self-control, it’s very high quality workout.

Exercises on aerobic exercise machines

From this household exercise bikes, treadmills, step-machines. Importantly, self-control again. This type of stress is good because it allows you to simultaneously listen to music, or watching TV.

Exercises at home

Alternating exercises – bending, squatting, swinging arms and legs, bending the torso in the supine position, and so on. Exercise is best done in a lightweight version in an effort to more repetitions of an exercise. For example, squats better to do, resting his hands on the edge of the chair, bending the torso in the supine position is easier to do, with her feet off the bed onto the floor, push-UPS lock-easier to do if the focus is high – at the height of the sill or above. Select 4-5 of the most pleasant exercises and perform them, alternating “rounds”. Good exercise for the house, is running in place. Do this exercise better abuses in athletic shoes, or standing on a soft Mat.

Walking up and down stairs

Note that this kind of exercise is more intense than walking on a flat surface, so be careful with the choice of tempo. You should “be enough” at least for 10-12 minutes. And the obligatory, no Adisak and heartbeats.


Later as you increase your fitness probable, and the so-called Jogging. The requirements are the same – a pulse of about 110 in 1 minute, adequate breathing, a feeling of cheerfulness, increased tone and mood. Although, do not neglect such intermediate types of load, as running-walk, walk at a fast pace over rough terrain.

We should not forget about morning tonic gymnastics which we colloquially called charging. 10-15 minutes an invigorating movements in the morning before starting a busy day. The power consumption is very low. And it is not important. Importantly, such exercises improves muscle tone and, therefore, stimulates the breakdown of fat and reduces appetite. This is what we need!

For us less desirable playing sports. The nature of the loads out there like this that muscles quickly lose supply of carbohydrates and tire. And therefore, increased appetite and inhibition of lipolysis. However, if the game you tonifies, invigorates and so on, all that you need, your body will get. The only wish – not bring themselves to fatigue.

Unwanted and workouts designed to build muscle mass. The regime itself these workouts involves fatigue as a necessary stage. Otherwise it is impossible to stimulate muscle growth. We only prevents fatigue.

Ambiguous opinion about swimming. Many of my patients after pool sessions indicate increased appetite.

The main thing we should not do in any case is to compete with yourself, trying each time to surpass their past achievements. We do not need records, and specific activity of the muscles, stimulating the flow of fat in the body.

And another very important point. The need for movements of the body changes exactly the same as the need for food. And training that yesterday you seemed very nice, today may seem excessive and tedious. Focus on your feelings. They should only be enjoyable. If yesterday’s pace today seems excessive, reduce it. If it seems excessive class length, shorten the lesson.

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