What would happen if you throw workout

Aerobic workouts not only burn fat — they strengthen the heart and vascular system. Are you afraid that with the cessation of “pitching” your muscles atrophy? But the same thing happens with the heart and blood vessels without aerobic classes. How fast and under what “angle” it happens “slide down”? There is an opinion that the termination of training the athlete loses all that has built up over many years. This is not so. Will you lose only a part of the “acquired”, or anything that had — it depends on what kind

of physical shape you have come to the “timeout”. Every bodybuilder with a shudder, thinking about what a break in training due to illness, injury or another cause, can knock them far back and undo years of effort. What is this — flimsy fears or legitimate concerns? Truth be told, it’s both. In any case, a break in training means the loss of many sporting achievements, of course, depending on individual physical condition. But a well-trained athlete that enough time was devoted to aerobic exercises, would retain its shape, even if forced “simple” lasts for several months. Let’s see how it affects the cardiovascular system lack of exercise.

Forced to stop training for 2 months Question 439 Good day! Engaged in fitness for about 7 months and have achieved very good results — the body became more toned. However, now, I’m forced to stop training for about two months. Tell me, it’s too hard to spoil my RES. The body’s ability to absorb oxygen, transport it in a cloth and used for oxidation of fuel (V02 MAX) — this is a common and reliable indicator of the state of the cardiovascular system. Aerobic exercise increases V02 MAX, and a break in training, on the contrary, leads to the decline of this indicator to the level of “sedentary”, although the speed and “angle” this fall are different. It all depends on the degree of fitness of each individual. In well-trained athletes V02 MAX is falling rapidly in the first three weeks after cessation of training, but then the process slows down. In the subsequent three months the measure V02 MAX these athletes remains significantly higher than in untrained people. As for people with low or moderate aerobic training on them in the first three weeks the lack of training does not operates practically nothing. But then the measure V02 MAX them begins to fall with catastrophic speed in the shortest possible time reaches the lowest level.

McDonald’s vs. shaping 1:0 Question 426 Hello, are shaping for a year. At the start I weighed 47 kg, height 160 cm weight 52 kg. something the result is the opposite. Catherine, Orenburg, 27 Answer: Hello, Catherine.Most people know McDonald’s. About the impact of the termination of training on the heart size and thickness of its walls, scientists have conflicting data. It is known that long aerobic workouts lead to hypertrophy (enlargement) of the heart. But with their termination it may decrease, and may maintain the same dimensions. Two studies showed that during the “idle” the diameter of the heart and the density of its walls is reduced, and the other two showed no significant change. However, these data rely not worth it because of the excellent methods of measuring cardiac muscle does not yet exist.

But it found that the filling pulse (volume of blood pumped with each heartbeat) with the cessation of training decreases. According to one study, over 12 days, the pulse loses 10 percent of its filling, and two weeks — about 12 percent. According to scientists, this is due to the General decrease in the volume of blood and plasma. In addition, as it turned out, with the cessation of training increases your maximum heart rate. And this does not speak in favor of the endurance of the cardio-vascular system. On the contrary, in the ideal maximum heart rate should be less, and the content — more. Meanwhile, the control group of distance runners after a 10 “Beschreibung” of days average maximum heart rate amounted to 192 beats per minute. With regular training, this frequency was equal to them 183 shocks. And yet, in most cases, well-trained athletes in the first two to three weeks after cessation of training heart rate varies slightly.

The pain and tremors in the muscles Question 232 Hello! I recently started to do fitness. Please tell me something to ease the pain in muscles after exercise? And another question: when performing some of the exercises my shaking muscles (abs and arms), though I would not say, including the Main issue of concern to ordinary “pitching — how will a break in training at the sports skill, strength and endurance. I must admit, the answer is disappointing. Even powerfully trained athletes without training squander your power. For example, swimmers after four weeks “idle” lose 13.6 per cent of the maximum force of arms. And marathoners fifteen days after the termination of training by 25 percent reduced endurance. In short, losses are inevitable. But to accurately measure the magnitude of this loss is almost impossible, because you have to consider a lot of individual factors, physical shape, experience, intensity of training before the break, selection of exercises, and so on. However, to reduce losses to a minimum. For this we need not to sit Sydney, and something to do. For example, you temporarily can’t “pumping iron”. So do something else: walking, Cycling. Let this lightweight version of the exercise, but still better than nothing. And before the break if you have managed to accumulate a bundle, you will be able to retain its shape and content. And when hard times will be left behind, will be able to quickly catch up.

How to tune to the training Question 41 Hello! My problem is that by nature I am a maximalist and if have set ourselves a goal, we’ll go to her, no matter what. The same in sports. I feel like they literally exhausting! I go to the gym, doing sports.

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