Why physical exercise

Sufficiently accurate and relatively simple way to control the intensity of physical activity is control by the pulse during its execution. When you perform physical activity You control pulse for 10 seconds, and compare the value with the tabular data that also take into account the patient’s age. For example, if You are 50, then when you perform physical activity at an intensity of 60%, and with this value it is necessary to start the load, Your pulse for 10 seconds should not exceed 17 shots for 10 seconds. Later, some time when You adapt to this workload, You can increase it to 75% of the maximum value that will account for the age of 50 years 21 the reduction of heart for 10 seconds. Our main goal is to achieve load 85%, since this intensity fat burning and the benefits of

load will be maximum and it will be 24 shots in 10 seconds.

However, the above method is still time consuming, does not take into account the fitness of the body and occupies the time and attention of the student. Therefore offer a more simple but no less effective method of monitoring the intensity of physical exercise.

Everything is much easier – if You make a load without shortness of breath, that is not a “suck up” the air during its execution, then all right. How to determine what the “sucking”? Try singing, during loading, and if it starts with “swallowing” words, then the load is too intense, you need to slow down. So for me it’s always amazing how our “singers” in the “box” are worn on the stage and sing absolutely still, apparently all the wonderful physical training, not otherwise.

The concept, the load needs to be long in duration, is that you need to perform exercise at least 40 minutes without stopping. Why so much? Through 36-38 minutes from start of load the body starts to use fat as energy consuming substances, and prior to that the body uses glucose, which, as You know, is in the muscles, in the form of muscle glycogen from the liver, as glycogen in the liver and, in General, everything. The use of fat as an energy source, is insulin dependent, and accustom the body to it is a potential problem that still elusive. A specific and achievable goal, to start to “melt” the fat. Therefore, it is better with low intensity (preferably on the verge of shortness of breath), but for a long time.

What time of day to perform physical activity? Hence rule # 3 . To perform better in the second half of the day, and American, and many European endocrinology and diabetology, recommending her to perform at the peak postprandial (i.e., after 30 – 60 minutes after eating), which improves the level of sugar shelter after meals and reduce glucose-lowering therapy in this meal. Morning exercises no one cancels, it is necessary that the body cheered up, woke up, and more smoothly blended in the coming day.

Rule # 4 . Load you need to perform at least 4-5 times a week. If you do a lower number to decrease the efficiency. If you run 6-7 times a week, or every day, it turns out the efficiency also as that for 4-5 times a week. Given that the person being lazy, and they say that laziness is the engine of progress, and all inventions humanity aim less to make gestures, to persuade the daily activities You I won’t. Easier to enter it a rule to perform the load from Monday to Friday, and on Saturday and Sunday to rest. So it’s like work. So, I think it is easier psychologically. Although, given the workload of Irina Ivanovna, pick any chart, the main thing is to stick with it.

And the most important rule No. 5 . Physical activity must be additional. Very often, they tell me that, in General, a person leads an active lifestyle, or, for example, yesterday I washed. Answer: You yesterday for the first time in my life washed? Ah, no. Then it’s habitual physical activity. It certainly exaggerated example, but it illustrates the point. Don’t need to persuade yourself that homework is already an additional. No need to be lazy. In the end, these things are done for yourself, not for uncle – endocrinologist – diabetologist, etc.


1) the Load can be any, but better involving more muscle groups.

2) the Load should be low in intensity and long in duration, not less than 40 minutes without a break.

3) to Perform the load better in the second half of the day.

4) the Load must be run at least 4-5 times a week.

5) Physical activity must be additional.

The last tip is repeatedly checked on my patients. We have already said, to reduce the insensitivity to insulin (insulin resistance), you need to clean the folds of fat on the abdomen (a”bundle of nerves” – /f “Moscow does not believe in tears”). There is an ultimate in ease exercise: lying on your back to throw the right leg over the left, as far as possible, with the back does not come off from a horizontal surface, and then left throws right. God forbid You to make “scissors”, “Bicycle”, and similar exercises. Again, just throw a leg without lifting it upwards. This is the easiest exercise will help reduce your waist size and reduce the folds of fat of a stomach. ‘t believe me, measure your waist, take up to 10 days and make sure. The more “approaches” make the day, the greater the effect. A great help to this exercise will “swing” press. But do not forget that the rise of the torso and/or legs should be only 20-30 degrees from the horizontal surface. When lifting the legs above 20-30 degrees You start to “pump up” the quadriceps of the thighs, while lifting the torso above the same quantities, is training the latissimus dorsi. It is necessary to You? Our goal in reducing belly fat, not the appearance of the legs, tastes like chicken or spins, which are rocker or which can fit the most number of yellow cards or cans. Rocker simplified, and the contest for the best bodybuilder has passed. Although Your case. In General, exercise is not heavy, but the effect is stunning.

In patients with diabetes mellitus, which is a disease of altered lifestyle, you should use the exercises in everyday life, for example, get off the bus and walk the rest of the way to the destination on foot. It is helpful to use a pedometer and calorie counter for kinetic control movement and motivation therapeutic exercises. Kinetic speed should be determined by the doctor in advance. Recommended by over 10,000 steps (units shagometra) per day (at least 7500 steps).

3 periods exercises :

1) Preparatory – 10-12 minutes. A) Slow exercise. B) Heating.

2) Training area – 20-30 minutes.

3) Exit (relaxation) – 10-12 minutes. A) Relaxation. B) Specific slow exercises. B) Stretching and relaxing.

1) the Preparatory period – start with stretching and kneading of the muscles most prone to fatigue: neck, shoulder, back muscles and below the ankles – this will protect from negative reactions and reduces muscle soreness. Massage slowly and gently at the same time consistently for 10-20 seconds, then relax. Do not strain the muscles as they will be tired.

2) Training zone:

(1) Intensity control is performed to increase the heart rate: 220 – your age= maximum value. Start a load of 60% of maximum and gradually bringing it up to 70-85%. Less objective method of fixation intensity of the exercise, as fitness is controlling the depth and rate of breathing during exercise. For reinforced portions of oxygen during exercise increase the depth and frequency of breathing, but You don’t have to suffocate. A good “indicator” of a sufficient load is the ability to lead a quiet conversation in the classroom. If this is difficult – You exceed the load or high intensity exercise.

(2) Duration – already said that. Start with 15 minutes and add 2 minutes to the lesson every week.

(3) Frequency – the highest efficiency is achieved when they run 3-4 times a week. Several best effect during exercise 5 times per week than 3-4. There is no significant difference between the frequency of 6 or 7 times a week, however increases the likelihood of complications.

3) the end of the exercise – a time of reduced activity, during which normalizes the heart rate. Follow several optional floor exercise. Try doing squats to strengthen the muscles of the abdomen, sudden releases of hands for strengthening of shoulder girdle. Perform stretching exercises, similar to running in preparation. Vigorous exercise reduces the muscles you need to stretch them again. It is often helpful and pleasant to proceed with the period of relaxation (relaxation) exercises with deep breathing. The relaxation time is usually 10-12 minutes or longer.

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