What is Zumba

Incredibly popular form of fitness training Zumba is a new and rapidly growing in popularity, a dance training program. The fitness trainer from Colombia Alberto Perez, has developed an effective and bright complex dance movements based on energetic Latin rhythms.

The Zumba has its history

Birth Zumba already exists “legend”, a story that one day in the distant and exciting Colombia instructor Alberto forget, this disc of music to practice. Finding it after, everybody in the group got ready for the exercises, Perez improvised and replaced their usual tracks at random from the radio station. We of course imagine what the music sounds on the radio in Colombia. In Latin American countries, unlike us, most often listen to folk rhythms. And of course, classical fitness is not compatible with fiery latina, so Alberto is not a loss, added to it the dance steps. So there was Zumba.

Danceand Zumba training

And this system of dance aerobics, which was named Zumba, more entertainment and fun, but at the same time equally effective as physical training. Zumba is a dance in the first place and even motto is “Forget about training – follow the crowd”, that doesn’t sound particularly sports. On Zumba-party, so-called classes classic Zumba fitness, you may be surprised at first that only standing in the front row repeat the movement for the instructor, while the remaining “light” not caring about accuracy. And that’s okay, as fun at Zumba classes in the first place.

Incendiary Zumba

The atmosphere of the game and makes the popular Zumba, dance party with friends. Among the excellent benefits of Zumba no complex movements, dance plastic, and most of the elements adapted light for the first time, so even during intense zumba classes may completely dissolve in music. By the way Zumba (zumba) – Mexican slang meaning “to be drunk”, that is probably due to the similarity of simplified movements of Latin dance with a margin under decent “degree”.

Differences Zumba

Simple and ingenious, for example in the fitness Latino, nearest relative or compatriot Zumba, offers complex steps, and their ligaments. It’s not for everyone, and the intensity of the training can be extended only after learning all the dance elements. A major advantage of Zumba buzz from easy communication, and then the system Zumba-fitness has a hierarchical group structure. Each major group has its own subsidiary, where all who missed a lot and for whom the heavy load while. In Zumba there are no clear requirements to the technique and accuracy of repetition, i.e. You can improvise. Research by American scientists show that people who perceive aerobics, as entertainment and fun in a hurry to escape from household or working routine, get better results and more likely to drop out of classes.

And yet, Zumba is a workout

To do Zumba better than some bright and individual, but still sporty. In Moscow sports stores have already sold equipment designed to practice Zumba. In Zumba something crazy and, perhaps therefore, it has established itself as a great way to lose weight and give the body the beauty. In addition to techniques of Latin dance in zumba always present is relatively complex, comprehensive warm-up and strength elements – push-UPS, lunges, squats, crunches.

Program Zumba classes

Workout is considered the most important and probably the only one in the Zumba workout, where the presenter will not allow sachkanut and there will be no excuses. Qualitative study and the warming up of the joints, muscles and tendons, stretching is considered paramount and she unconditionally given special attention.

Freedom of movement Zumba

The main and final phase workout Zumba dance aerobics, relaxation and excitement. You can dance as You enjoy learn new moves from the instructor, repeat already well-known and beloved or surrender of improvisation. And can take on the role of the instructor and invite like-minded your options PA are especially beautiful or just really fiddle a bit. If everything is fun, interesting and exciting — so You did it.

If You are a beginner — do not get lost and not complex, and an experienced instructor will remind You and others involved, “Zumba! This is not a drill, this is a party”. Get the full pleasure. Usually one lesson Zumba lesson lasts 60 minutes is warm-up, aerobics, strength exercises and dance part. Nutritionists say that 1 hour of intensive training we burn about 600 calories. For example not intense aerobics – 215 calories, and aerobic exercise of high intensity – 485)

Types of Zumba fitness

The Zumba classes are different, divided into several major subtypes, depending on the complexity of the exercises and music, is 6 basic types and a huge number of individual variations dependent on the country and the instructor.

Main types of Zumba:

1. “Zumba Basic” – basic program with classical music and the main movements from Alberto Perez, Creator of Zumba.

2. “Zumba Basic 2” – same as previous, but with elements of South American tantaline PA such as flamenco, Samba and tango.

3. “Zumba Gold Zumba ® program for seniors and people with limited mobility.

4. “Zumba Toning” is a cheerful and bright aerobic exercise on the basis of a mixture of a variety of music and styles of dance.

5. “The Aqua Zumba program Zumba fitness in the water to change and easy gain nagurski.

6. “Zumbatomic” – a special program to practice with parents and children.

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