Java: The Versatile and Powerful Programming Language

Java 6 e Shtatzanise

Gjate shimme qe ritirim, gjoksit dhe ndryshoni. Kjo eshtatzanise mund te perdoresh sidomos.

Java 6 e shtatzanise o afersisht me tuan, mos u shqeteso! To ke nuk ka me dhej. . !.


An Integrated Development Environment or IDE increases the efficiency and productivity of a Java developer. It provides a number of features and functionality, including source code highlighting, debugging tools, indentation, refactoring, and control version support. It also includes a code completion feature that can help you quickly find the correct function for a particular class or method.

You can create JavaDoc files in an IDE by using the Project menu and selecting Generate Javadoc. This will open a wizard that will allow you to select the projects and packages for which you want to generate Javadoc. You can then select the visibility of the Javadoc. The recommended setting is to use @link for the first reference to a class or method. This will avoid excessive hyperlinks that clutter the Javadoc.


JAVA SE is the core of the Java platform. It includes the JRE, the Java Virtual Machine and a set of standard libraries. It is used to develop a wide range of applications on desktops, laptops, mobile phones and other devices. It is also widely used in enterprise environments.

The newest version of the JAVA SE is called Java 11. It was released in 2017 and supports several new features, including the Java Shell, HTML5 Canvas and WebSockets. It also has a new security baseline.

The JAVA SE 6 release is supported on all major OSes, with the exception of Windows XP and Vista, where support is limited to the 32-bit java.exe file. It also contains Olson time zone data version 2013b. Drag & drop does not work on these platforms.


Unlike Java SE, which is an actual specification, JAVA EE includes implementations by Oracle and other vendors. It offers many APIs that accomplish a lot of the heavy-lifting technical stuff, the ‘bricks and pipes’ of your enterprise application.

The Enterprise Edition has APIs for managing transaction, connecting to databases, working with XML, and providing secure, fault-tolerant applications. It also offers several technologies for interacting with external and back-end systems, including JavaMail, a standard connector architecture, and Java Transaction API (JTA) for enforcing two-phase commits.

JAVA EE also provides extensions to core Java that are very useful when developing large-scale applications, such as Swing and JSF. It also has a number of specialized security features, such as 3072-bit Diffie-Hellman and DSA parameters generation and pre-computed DSA parameters.


JAVA ME (Java Platform Micro Edition) is a subset of Java that is designed for embedded and mobile devices with limited resources. Formerly known as J2ME, it includes features such as flexible user interfaces, robust security and built-in network protocols. It also provides a common programming environment across multiple platforms and devices.

Java ME is comprised of several configurations and profiles, which allow it to be optimized for a wide variety of small computing devices with different capabilities and features. For example, the CLDC configuration is designed for significantly constrained devices that have low processing power, storage space, RAM and graphics capabilities, while the CDC profile is designed for more powerful devices. In addition, Java ME is supported by a large and active community of developers.


JAVA is a powerful, versatile and mature programming language. Its portability, security, and performance make it a popular choice for many projects.

Java is platform independent and is compiled into bytecodes that can run on any machine running a Java Virtual Machine (JVM). It uses a Just In Time compiler that compiles code only when it’s needed, making the program more responsive and faster to execute.

Its most popular use is in designing mobile applications, especially those for Google’s Android operating system. The language is also used for creating web applications and is a key part of the backend development process at many organizations, including healthcare facilities, government agencies, educational institutions, and defense departments. Its rich standard library makes it a very useful programming language for complex, high-performance applications.

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