Java U Cafe

The java U Cafe

The java u cafe is located in a busy area and has a great service. Its customers appreciate tasty chocolate croissants, muffins and brownies.

In partnership with Natrel, java u is introducing an innovative cafe concept to the city of Montreal in the trendy West Queen West neighbourhood. Its unique menu shines a spotlight on milk as a key ingredient.

Java Coffee

Java coffee is grown on the islands of Indonesia and is renowned for its unique flavor. It is high in antioxidants and can reduce type 2 diabetes risk. It also contains a moderate amount of caffeine. It is best brewed fresh and served with milk or cream, which adds flavor without adding calories. You can also add sugar or a low-calorie sweetener to your cup of java for extra sweetness.

Creative writing student Hayley-Jean Lochner says she frequents the mezzanine cafe out of convenience, but wouldn’t mind if it was replaced by another student-run shop. Geography graduate student William Zullo agrees. But he thinks the university should make the decision based on its own assessment of what the community needs and wants. UC Davis did that when it asked Peet’s and Java City to bid on the new contract. The university decided to split the business between them and continue offering a variety of options to its students.

Health Benefits

A recent study has shown that caffeine helps prevent the onset of Alzheimer’s disease. This is because it stops the brain from producing beta-amyloid proteins that are linked to this condition. The study was conducted by researchers at the University of South Florida. The findings of the study were published in the journal Neuroscience Letters.

The research team included a number of healthy volunteers who were given either coffee or a placebo. The participants who took the coffee experienced a significant increase in mental alertness and focus. This was a result of the caffeine content found in the coffee. In addition, the participants also experienced a decrease in their heart rate and blood pressure. The participants also reported a better mood. The researchers believe that this is a result of the mood-enhancing properties found in caffeine. They are currently conducting further studies to determine the exact mechanism of action. This will help them determine how best to treat Alzheimer’s disease.

Caffeine Content

The java u cafe is a nice place to visit with your friends. It offers a great range of coffee blends and also a good choice of teas. Its sandwiches are perfectly cooked and it also serves some tasty muffins. The staff is really friendly and the service is spectacular. Moreover, you can enjoy the cool environment of this cafe.

This coffee shop uses fair trade and organic ingredients, and also it has a good selection of desserts. The only negative is that it is not cheap, but it is still a better option than Tim Horton’s. This cafe is currently rented by CUSAcorp, the for-profit arm of the Concordia Student Union.


The Montreal-based cafe chain java u launched the Natrel Milk Bar by java u in Toronto, located at 1092 Queen Street West. The new cafe concept focuses on milk as an ingredient in coffee beverages, and it was developed in partnership with Canadian dairy company Natrel. The cafe features all varieties of Natrel milk, including lactose free and organic options, served through a self-serve barista station.

Concordia University students are the main clientele at this cheery, family-style venue. Creative writing student Hayley-Jean Lochner says she frequents the mezzanine location mainly out of convenience, but she says it’s not as inviting as other coffee places in the area. She also points out that the cafe is responsible for 25 per cent of the cost to renovate the shared bathroom space, and that’s an unfair charge considering they’re being forced to vacate.

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